A Conversation with Stefano Ughetti of CAMO

StyleComments ⋅ Jul 20, 2011
When Italian designer Stefano Ughetti decided to launch his own clothing label back in 2007, the intent was not to simply dress men. Rather, he sought to create a label that would put men in touch with what they want to wear, allowing them to sta...

A Conversation with Gordon Richardson

StyleComments ⋅ Jul 18, 2011
Back in 2005, British retailer Topman sought to set itself apart from its high street counterparts with Topman Design – a range of highly directional and fashion-forward ready-to-wear garments. Under the leadership of Design Director Gordon...

superfuture: Interview with Edina Sultanik of (capsule)

StyleComments ⋅ Jan 27, 2011
superfuture recently caught up with Edina Sultanik for an interview about her latest work behind the recent show in Paris. Sultanik co-founded BPMW, the agency behind (capsule) – a New York trade show that boasted a number of premium heritage bra...

(capsule) New York Jan. 17-18, 2011

EventsComments ⋅ Jan 14, 2011
(capsule) New York is just around the corner as one of the perennial tradeshow circuit-favorites descends onto snowy New York. Offering some of the best in contemporary menswear today, the event will take place on Monday, Jan. 17 and Tuesday, Jan...

(capsule) 2011 Spring/Summer Show: Yusuke Yatsuhashi

LiveComments ⋅ Jun 27, 2010
Yusuke Yatsuhashi of BLUES Inc.

(capsule) 2011 Spring/Summer Show: Alan Eckstein

LiveComments ⋅ Jun 27, 2010
Alan Eckstein of Timo Weiland

(capsule) 2011 Spring/Summer Show: Craig Ford

LiveComments ⋅ Jun 26, 2010
Craig Ford, European brand manager of A Bathing Ape and Billionaire Boys Club

(capsule) 2011 Spring/Summer Show: Mark McNairy

LiveComments ⋅ Jun 25, 2010
Mark McNairy, owner of Mark McNairy New Amsterdam