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Mizensir Collection Privee Summer Candles

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Mizensir is the one of the most respected and recognized candle manufacturers in the world, created by Alberto Morillas. The ongoing success of the Mizensir brand continues to reflect quality and cultivation where unique skills and luxury are con...

UNUSED No. 204 “White Velvet” Candle by KUUMBA

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Latest from Japanese fashion label, UNUSED, comes this No. 204 “White Velvet” candle by incense maker, KUUMBA. Packaged in an elegant grey and blue box, the candles are now available at Noa’s Ark.


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Dabbling a bit into the lifestyle element of things, NEXUSVII create a collection of candles. Produced domestically in Japan by special craftsmen, a total of five scents include No. 2 DAMASK, No. 3 LONGING, No. 6 RACHAEL, No.8 TEARS IN RAIN and N...


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Created with the help of French perfumier Blaise Mautin, visvim’s SUBSECTION CANDLE / No.7/KYOTO is seen here. With each F.I.L. marked by a particular fragrance upon entering, the use of scent is a different approach to creating an ambience...

Munio Candela Hand Made Candles

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Completely handmade by artisans using only 100% natural all-soy wax, the finest lead-free all-cotton wicks and herbs from the Latvian countryside, Munio Candela brings candle making to another level. Utilizing soy wax as opposed to the usual para...

Ligne Blanche “Keith Haring” Porcelain Candle

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Adding an artistic element to its products since 2006, Ligne Blanche continue that traditional with a new set of candles featuring the artwork of the late Keith Haring. Known for his iconic street art, Haring still remains a widely popular figure...

retaW Creole Toiletries and Candles

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Tokyo-based body care experts retaW offer a new line of Creole body candy, including a shower gel, shampoo, and set of candles, with a collaboration alongside riA. The products offer a refreshing sense of relaxation with the sweetness of coconut...

Diptyque Feu De Bois Candle

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Handmade in France, this Diptyque Feu De Bois Candle evokes a warm, familiar and sophisticated smell of rare woods burned on long winter days. Produced in a glass holder, the luxurious paraffin wax candle lasts 50-60 hours and is now available th...

Cire Trudon for UNDERCOVER Candle Set

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Jun Takahashi reveals a new project from his upcoming UNDERCOVER collection for Spring/Summer 2010. Working with acclaimed candle makers Cire Trudon, the master Japanese fashion designer creates a series of candles, including the “GilaApple...

A.P.C. Candles

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Offering much more than just fashion, A.P.C. and a selection of candles showcases the French brand’s comprehensive range of products. Four different scents include Fig Leaf (No. 5), Orange Blossom (No. 4), Green Jasmin (No. 2) and Cologne (...