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Buddy 2014 German Shepherd Slip-on Sneaker Collection

StyleComments ⋅ Jul 25, 2014
Based in Japan, Buddy is a brand that has become known for its simple, functional designs and use of premium materials in a wide spectrum of colors. Its footwear range, in particular, features signature silhouettes like the Corgi Low, as well as an e...
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Buddy 2014 Ear Long Backpack Collection

StyleComments ⋅ Jul 23, 2014
Strange name aside, Buddy’s Ear Long Backpack is a versatile, durable carryall that’s essentially an elongated version of the brand’s signature convertible tote/backpack. Each bag — as is always the case with the Japanese bran...
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Buddy 2014 Corgi Low Mud Sneakers

LifestyleComments ⋅ Jul 22, 2014
A tonal rendition of Buddy’s signature silhouette, the Corgi Low Mud sneakers for 2014 are a highlight from the Japanese label’s latest delivery, as well as a versatile footwear option for fall and beyond. Eschewing the brand’s typi...
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Buddy 2014 Bull Terrier Low Collection

StyleComments ⋅ Jul 21, 2014
Part of a new season of products from Buddy, the Bull Terrier Low is a simple and typically understated design from the Japanese label, as well as a great addition to its lineup of bags and footwear. The clean, low-top sneakers are made from smooth l...
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CHUP x Buddy Corgi Low

StyleComments ⋅ Jul 21, 2014
Well-loved for its cozy, ethnic-inspired knit socks, CHUP recently teamed up with fellow Japanese label, Buddy, to create a fresh rendition of the Corgi Low. Using Buddy’s signature suede-based sneaker as a base, the sock specialist put its own...
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Maiden Noir x Buddy 2014 Spring/Summer Chukka

StyleComments ⋅ Mar 4, 2014
Tetsu Iizuka’s independent Osaka-based sneaker label Buddy has crafted an exclusive chukka alongside Maiden Noir for the Seattle label’s Spring/Summer 2014 “Cosmic Explorer” collection. Available in a black all-leather makeup...

Buddy 2013 Spring/Summer Tote Backpack

StyleComments ⋅ Mar 13, 2013
Having already perfected its take on the simple suede sneaker, Japanese label Buddy now adds bags to its arsenal of well-made, colorful accessories. New for Spring/Summer 2013 is the Tote Backpack, a cross between a tote and a knapsack in high-qualit...

Buddy 2012 Footwear Releases

StyleComments ⋅ Aug 27, 2012
Buddy — a label hailing from Japan — currently makes shoes in exactly one model: the Corgi. However, if there’s one thing the Japanese do best, it’s the perfection of single elements — a solitary martial arts move, for e...

Buddy Japan Footwear

StyleComments ⋅ Jun 20, 2012
Made in Japan, new footwear brand Buddy has introduced its premiere collection for Summer 2012. The company’s first silhouette, the Corgi, features a clean low-top suede upper with white laces, contrast stitching, and a solid white rubber sole....