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Selfridges’ “Board Games” features Custom Skate Decks by Some of Fashion’s Greats

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Purveyors of high fashion from its grand hub in the UK, Selfridges has a proven resumé in trend seeking. In keeping with this, the retail giant now adopts skateboarding into its arsenal, creating a set of custom decks to represent some of its regarde...

Simeon Georgiev Adorns LEGO Figures with Streetwear

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Being that the realm of fashion is fixated on offbeat collaborations, have you ever wondered what would happen if your beloved childhood toymaker partnered with your favorite clothing brand? Acting on his own curiosity, graphic illustrator Simeon Geo...

BOY London 2013 Summer Collection

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Created in 1977 by Stephane Raynor, BOY London is an iconic British brand long loved by the underground, as well as everyone from punks and New Romantics, to club kids and fashionistas. Known for its iconic eagle logo and minimal, unisex designs, the...

BOY London 2012 Holiday Collection

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Iconic English brand BOY London has released its Holiday 2012 collection with a range of tees, hats and crewneck sweatshirts. Using its eagle logo as a base for inspiration, BOY London has manipulated the logo in several ways, creating a powerful bra...

LONG Clothing x BOY London Exhibition Recap

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London photographer Teddy Fitzhugh’s photographs from the LONG Clothing x BOY London exhibition in Tokyo is a collection of work made to express the brand identity of LONG Clothing and BOY London. The photos show an updated punk aesthetic, with...