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Bobby Hundreds Sketches Ben Hundreds to Show Off The Hundreds Sharpie Collection

StyleComments ⋅ Jan 31, 2014
Using a selection of markers from The Hundreds’ latest Sharpie collection, Bobby Hundreds looks to Ben Hundreds as muse for his sketch. Catching his partner off guard, he illustrates an exaggerated caricature strapped with Ben’s...

The Hundreds 2012 Fall/Winter “Ben Hundreds” Scully

StyleComments ⋅ Oct 15, 2012
West Coasters The Hundreds has certainly come a long way since its basic graphic tee days. The past few years have seen Bobby and Ben Hundreds at the helm of an ever-expanding streetwear giant whose latest mountain to climb has been the footwear indu...

The Berrics: Footnotes with Ben Hundreds

StyleComments ⋅ Apr 24, 2012
There was a time when Ben Hundreds didn’t call himself a typical ‘sneakerhead’ per se, but after watching this episode of “Footnotes” by The Berrics, you might be inclined to agree that that time is in his very distant p...