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Tomakazu Matsuyama x Medicom Toy 100% & 400% Bearbricks

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Medicom Toy pairs itself with Japanese artist Tomakazu Matsuyama on a set of Bearbricks which include 100% and 400% versions. The toys are decked out in Matsuyama’s signature artwork with only 300 pieces in total being produced. A release i...

Alice in Wonderland x Medicom Toy Cheshire Cat Bearbrick 400%

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With the release of Tim Burton’s adaptation of Alice in Wonderland set to release next month, Medicom Toy teams up with the film to produce a Cheshire Cat, reflective of the character version from the new motion picture. The cat, produced i...

Levi’s x Medicom Toy 1000% Bearbrick

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Made exclusively for the opening of the Levi’s Concept Store in Taiwan was this 1000% Bearbrick, which was of course wrapped with Levi’s trademark denim. Only 5 were produced, being randomly given out to 5 lucky customers who purchase...

The Selby: Tatsuhiko “Ryu” Akashi of MEDICOM TOY

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The Selby’s latest features takes him to the workspace of MEDICOM TOY’s Tatsuhiko “Ryu” Akashi. As you’d imagine the space is littered with toys from the iconic BEARBRICK to OriginalFake Companions and various other...


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MEDICOM TOY and STAPLE have teamed up once again to create the following BEARBRICK. The two brands have collaborated on previous versions of the BEARBRICK including a metallic silver release. The following features a BEARBRICK with a natural colo...

Star Trek x Medicom Toy “Spock” 400% & 1000% Bearbricks

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Teaming up with the Star Trek franchise, Medicom Toy looks to release a “Spock” version of its Bearbrick silhouette in the near future. The popular toy will be decked out in the form of the iconic half vulcan-half human Star Trek char...

enjoi Skateboarding x Medicom Toy 100% Bearbrick

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For its latest batch of Bearbricks, Medicom Toy has teamed up with enjoi Skateboarding for a new 100% Bearbrick figure. Taking a jab at the “corporate pigs,” the toy resembles a pig decked out in a wall street suit with the back stati...


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To commemerate the grand opening of the new BMW Studio One space later this month, MEDICOM TOY has teamed up with the German automotive manufacturer to create a three-piece release of the iconic BEARBRICK figure. With a theme of sustainability, 3...

Fatlace x MEDICOM TOY BEARBRICK 100% Preview

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Fatlace previews one of their upcoming product releases, a collaborative BEARBRICK with MEDICOM TOY. The small-scale 100% toy features a mutli-colored metallic finish with large printed eyes. Stay tuned for a closer look as well as availability.

Advantage Cycle x Jamie Reid x suicommi underground MEDICOM TOY BEARBRICK

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A multi-party collaboration yields the following MEDICOM TOY BEARBRICK as it involves Advantage Cycle, Jamie Reid and suicommi underground. Artist Jamie Reid is known for his influential work in the realm of punk graphics having had a hand in a n...