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SUPER TOKYO x Medicom Toy 100% Bearbrick Set

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These two simple 100% bearbricks are the end product of an all-Japanese collaboration between Medicom Toy and Japanese photographer Leslie Kee of SUPER TOKYO. Inspired by Love and Peace, the vinyl toys were produced in red and blue colorways, wit...

INVINCIBLE x Medicom Toy 100% Bearbrick Set

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Premier Taiwanese boutique INVINCIBLE links up with Medicom Toy on its own set of the all-too-popular Bearbrick. Two different versions are made, each coming in a 100% scale, with a release set for April 24th, 2010 via INVINCIBLE.

Levi’s x CLOT x MEDICOM TOY 1000% Bearbrick Watermelon & Strawberry Set

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Following up on some previous previews, here’s a full look into the upcoming 1000% MEDICOM TOY Bearbrick created by Levi’s and CLOT. A similar theme was the subject of a denim and Bearbrick release a little while ago as this time arou...

CLOT x MEDICOM TOY 1000% “Watermelon” and “Strawberry” Bearbrick Preview

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Hong Kong-based brand CLOT look to re-visit their previous CLOT x MEDICOM TOY x Levi’s collaboration which featured a multi-product collection involving both toys and denim. This time around, a preview unveils two larger 1000% sized Bearbri...

Medicom Toy “Chopin” Bearbrick 100%

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Medicom Toy unveils a new limited edition Bearbrick, made in commemoration of Japan’s leg of the 2010 La Folle Journee music festival. The bearbrick is offered in a 100% scale with the festival’s name on the front and backside along w...

OriginalFake x Medicom Toy Dissected Companion Bearbrick Grey Series

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Following up on the preview from a couple of days ago, INVINCIBLE give us a closer look into the latest release between Medicom Toy and KAWS’ OriginalFake. Building off the Dissected Companion character, the collaboration develops into anot...

Anna Sui x Medicom Toy 400% Bearbrick

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Following a good response for its 100% version, Medicom Toy creates a 400% bearbrick design in collaboration with renowned American fashion designer Anna Sui. The bearbrick, featuring a black base with intricate detailing, is set to release next...

Chiaki x colette x Medicom Toy My First Be@rbrick B@by 1000%

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Following up its last limited release, Medicom Toy offer up a 1000% version of the “My First Be@rbrick B@by”, designed by Japanese actress Chiaki Kuriyama and Parisian boutique colette. The toy features more of a colette blue colorway...

OriginalFake x Medicom Toy Dissected Companion Bearbrick Grey Version

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Following up last year’s hotly anticipated Dissected Companion Bearbrick release, Medicom Toy prepares for another wave of hype as the grey version is now set the drop. This monochromatic edition features the same details as last year’...


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Accompanying the recent release of the 2010 3-D movie Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton, MEDICOM TOY release a set involving movie-based characters. The pack includes a KUBRICK version of the Mad Hatter and a BEARBRICK version of the Cheshire Cat...