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LEGO Unveils ‘Back to the Future’ Time Machine Set

LifestyleComments ⋅ 10443 Views
Marking the fourth release from the LEGO CUUSOO fan submission-based designs, LEGO has unveiled a Back to the Future box set. Originally submitted by two fan builders and selected late last year to be the next LEGO CUUSOO release, the set features ev...

Undefeated Billboard Project: Brent Rollins Ver. 27

ArtsComments ⋅ 206 Views
Building off his previous collaborations with Undefeated, Brooklyn-based Brent Rollins returns for the 27th installment of the brand/retailer’s billboard project. This time around, the artist produces a memorable graphic in celebration of Nike&...

2011 Nike MAG: The Full Story

StyleComments ⋅ 969 Views
Sneaker enthusiasts and fans of the 1989 movie Back to the Future II had to wait almost 23 years for their Nike MAG to drop. After all the video and event hype, an extensive behind the scenes video is presented here. Several of the personalities invo...

2011 Nike MAG: The Story Behind the McFly Jacket

StyleComments ⋅ 795 Views
In addition to working on the Nike MAG shoes for the original Back to the Future II movie, the film’s creative team also tapped Nike to design a futuristic jacket for Marty McFly.  Embodying the same innovation, technology and versatility...

Nike “Doc Brown” Shades

StyleComments ⋅ 3173 Views
So Nike flew a bunch of people into Los Angeles for a secret event set to take place tomorrow morning. Even before making the trek over, little information was revealed. A special box was placed in each person’s room which featured shades in th...