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Agenda Long Beach 2014 Recap

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Earlier this month, Agenda’s first showing of 2014 began down in Long Beach. The trifecta of shows for Agenda, Long Beach was a suitable way to start off the new year through a series of interesting installations and residual activity that comp...

Sophia Chang Speaks About the Agenda Babe Show

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Earlier this month, Agenda kicked off the first of a series of U.S.-wide trade shows in Long Beach, catering towards the latest and greatest in streetwear. Among the secondary activities aside from the obvious in fashion-based exploits were various a...

Trend Watch: Upcoming Trends from the Floor of Agenda Long Beach

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HYPEBEAST recently had the chance to catch up with a select few names at Agenda Long Beach and hear their insights on what to look forward to in the industry and a few things they’d like to see take their leave from the scene. The likes of jeff...

The Trade Show Grind: A Day with Andy Song of Flexfit at Agenda Long Beach

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While making the rounds at Agenda Long Beach, we had the chance to link up and spend the day with Andy Song, director of marketing for Flexfit — an integral part of Agenda including contributions such as cap collaborations with select brands. F...

Adam22 of OSS Talks Trends at Agenda Long Beach

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For his latest escapade, Adam22, founder of BMX clothing label ONSOMESHIT and website The Come Up, paid a visit to the Agenda Long Beach Trade Show – a forum that brings together some of the most creative forces in streetwear and action sports,...

Babe Show: An Art Exhibition Curated by Sophia Chang at Agenda Long Beach Recap

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We can officially give you the drop on Sophia Chang’s “Babe Show” exhibition at Agenda Long Beach. The showcase consists of handpicked pieces from female artists, giving a nod to the female perspective within streetwear and the clos...

#OnFeet at Agenda Long Beach 2014

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Early into 2014, streetwear’s premiere trade show Agenda kicked off the new year right with a first show in Long Beach. The two-day affair brought together the best of the West Coast as well as international attendees for the latest and greates...

Streetsnaps: Lanie Alabanza at Agenda Long Beach

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Location: Long Beach, California at Agenda Long Beach

Agenda x Flexfit Hat 2014 Collection featuring Burn Rubber, 40 OZ NYC, CLSC and Basecamp

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Hat purveyors Flexfit recently produced a small capsule collection of headwear specially for the Agenda Trade Show circuit for 2014. Consisting of several unique designs with select collaborations, they included Burn Rubber, 40 OZ NYC, CLSC and Basec...