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Afro Samurai x XLarge Hoodie

A new hoodie has been released as part of the Afro Samurai x XLarge collection. The previous releases included a t-shirt featuring an Afro Samurai graphic and a figure. Afro Samurai is a popular manga (comic book) turned anime series featuring Sa...

Afro Samurai x XLarge Figure

A few days ago, an Afro Samurai x XLarge t-shirt was revealed. A follow-up to that has produced a stunning new Afro Samurai figure. Afro Samurai is a cartoon featuring Samuel L. Jackson as the lead character and produced in Japan. The figure is h...

Afro Samurai x XLarge T-shirt

XLarge Japan has teamed up with the hit animated series Afro Samurai to create this limited edition t-shirt. Featuring Samuel L. Jackson as the lead character, the story revolves around Afro Samurai as he attempts to avenge his father’s death...