I lost my girl, my job, all my friends and I've started balding. I've just been sad laying in bed the last few months. I wanted to be a rapper so bad, and I really think I could. Music was the only thing I did bedides wofk, and now that it's gone there's jyst this huge void in my life. I don't have the motivation to do anything anymore. I feel like my creativity conpletely dried up. Like I'm this shell of a person. I'm not suicidal and shit, I honestly just don't care much for living anymore. My life has become this empty thing that isn't mine and it hurts every knowing I'm living for nothing. I don't know. I don't even know why I'm posting this. Nevermind. I'm probably just posting this because theirs no one to tell this to in my real life, and no one would care. Yay.

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[URL] I'd appreciate some feedback from the HB fam. First track I've done in a while. Please and Thank You

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Hairline got pushed back a little this past year, nothing bad I just went back to the waves instead of dreads. I woke up today and noticed the whole top of my head is starting to thin out. Noticeably. The back of the top is starting to look extra see-through. Life is over. Based God save me

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Just got done listening to dudes discog and it all slaps. He's already getting co-signed by the likes of Danny Brown. He has his own sound that sets him apart from everyone(no bullshit) it kinda reminds me of spaceghostpurrps stuff kinda, beatwise, but more drugged out. I think this dude is about to start buzzing in a major way soon. What do yall think? [Embed content] Here's the only interview he's got up, its a pretty good introduction [URL]

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Cause Im too raw. I simply can't be stopped.

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What do you guys think of them? I'm not all about the 'swag' rappers I've heard around the internet but I think these niggas is proper [URL]

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Wasup I rap, im posting up my new bandcamp for feedback. If you think odd future and Hopsin go hard, then you're a pussy. Listen to my shit you might like it. That is all [URL]

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i likem cause he spits some pretty weird stuff [URL]

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I'll start it off. #1. He's the CORNIEST rapper to ever claim detroit

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[URL] new concept track based on call of duty: black ops. feedback is appreciated! blushing

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All New Tracks of Pure Hip-Hop soundcloud.com/zulumane feedback appreciated

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