There's this really ugly chick that sits by me in one of my classes. At first I was really nice to her just cause I'm a nice guy, you know? But it's gotten sort of out of hand because she always says hi to me and always asks me annoying questions. She either likes me or she's just a really annoying person. I'm at a loss right now... What should I do? What would you do if you were me?

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nice avatar fambs.

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So he went to a bodybuilding forum (the "Misc") instead... [Quote]

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Yesterday, I went laser tagging with my friends. After we had donned on our vests, we stood by the door waiting for the game to start. We were talking amongst ourselves when all of a sudden we hear a feminine voice say, "Excuse me, pretty people in front!" Naturally, my instinct was to look over at this "pretty woman." I caught a glimpse of her as she pushed passed us in an attempt to get closer to the door, after which she gave a smile that seemed to say, "Look how cute and b*tchy I am!" B*tchy, yes. Cute, definitely not. At first I thought that maybe this sloot was just looking for a way to get to the front of the door without having to maneuver her fatness in uncomfortable ways. This girl would clearly have trouble fitting through most doors, let alone through a tightly packed crowd of people. I thought about saying something about how she was probably the least pretty person in the room, and thus by her logic deserved to be all the way in the back, but decided against it because I didn't want to be a total douche bag. But unfortunately, because I held my tongue, Ms. Whale felt obliged to start running her mouth. I soon learned that her real motive for edging closer to the door wasn't to get a head start, but to start flirting with my friend. "HEY this guy looks like Jake!" she said as she looked back at the people who had apparently come with her. "Doesn't he look like Jake?" Nobody in her group of friends even looked at her. None of them cared. In fact, they were probably glad that they had finally gotten rid of them. Ms. Whale continued, undeterred. "The only difference is Jake is a ginger, and he has freckles. It's probably from playing water polo, since he's always in the sun. Do you play any sports?" If there had been any confusion about it before, she was definitely trying to hit on my friend "Jake" now. She stared longingly at him. Jake shook his head, trying to avoid doing anything that could be misinterpreted by her as even a modicum of interest. "Well, I like sports. Guess which one is my favorite?" Ms. Whale asked, as she playfully slapped Jake on the arm. He was silent for a moment. Then, for the first time, he looked at Ms. Whale. He turned his head until his eyes met hers. "B*tch, is that even a question? I took one look at you and knew that you had the BMI of a sumo wrestler. You wear skinny jeans despite the fact that your waist is 10 times the size of your ankle. Your tight shirt only highlights the fact that you are one of the fattest sloots alive. Your f*ckin pinky wiggles when you walk. I literally feel like throwing up at the sight of your face. How about you try hitting on somebody your own size?" Ms. Whale was quiet for a minute, and I felt sort of bad for her because I knew that she must have felt bad. But she proved me wrong when she said, "Oh, you are so cuuuuutteee!!!" And started pinching Jake's cheeks. We were all wondering what we were going to do with her until all of a sudden an employee came up behind her and said, "I'm sorry, you can't play if the straps on the vest won't fit around you. Please come over with me to the counter so I can give you a refund for your ticket." My friends and I breathed a collective sigh of relief. Finally, we could play laser tag in peace. As we entered the room, we chuckled to ourselves as we heard her talking to the man who had pulled her aside. Although she was in the next room over, we could hear her muffled voice saying, "Hey, you look sort of like my friend Jake." I guess that's the funny thing about sumo wrestlers. They never know when to give it up.

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Too many faggots. I'm out.

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I liked your rapping the song "My Name Ring Bells." No more hating from me man, you have my respect.

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Should Cstyles be banned? Yes or yes?

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Can we make it so the link from a user's "Posts Made" page goes to the actual post? As it stands, it's pretty useless if you're trying to find a post in threads that are multiple pages long.

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D. Rose is like Eminem. Eminem was cool even though he was white. D. Rose is cool even though he's pinoy. Respect D. Rose.

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[b]WARNING: Heavy reading material. Middle school dropouts beware.[/b] Dear Fellow Hypebeast Members, This is something that's been weighing heavily on my mind. A lot of people pronounce lawyer like loyer. That is the wrong pronunciation. It's obviously lawyer, as in law + yer. If it was supposed to be anything else, it would be spelled like that - loyer or maybe even loier (like loitering). I'm tired of how our society always tries to look in between the lines like that. There's no harm in taking things at face value, and usually it's even pretty beneficial. Take gay people. They're pretty much a product of our society telling everyone that they are special. I'm doing college apps right now and all the essay prompts are about what makes you special, as if we're all unique little snowflakes. That's garbage. Most people are pretty much the same, which is a good thing. How many of you would want to have 6 toes? Hopefully none of you, right? That's disgusting, and plus it's one extra toe to clip. Anyways, back to gay people (aka faggots). Nobody is born gay - don't ever buy into that propaganda. It all starts with some extremely average kid who nobody pays attention to. He thinks something's wrong with him because he's so average. So he does some "soul searching" and "discovers" that he's gay, so that he'll get some attention. But it gets tiresome telling everyone that he's gay. So he tries to be even more weird, and starts talking with a lisp. That way people know he's gay without him ever having to say it. So then this kid becomes delusional and starts thinking he actually is gay because people see him that way. In reality, nothing changed - he just started talking with a lisp. It's just like that with the word lawyer. You can pronounce it loyer if you want, but it will always be law-yer. Anything else is gay. Signed, The Infamous Zuloon [i]P.S.: Dear Pinoy Readers (except for D. Rose) - you aren't black either.[/i]

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Has anyone else noticed that almost everyone with older sisters is either gay or extremely effeminate? It's like a curse or something... On the bright side though, if you get past the obstacle of becoming gay, you'll probably be pretty good with women. Damn I just remembered my dad had three older sisters... smokeyface Proud of my heritage.

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Hey guys, I've been a long time lurker, street fashion lover and pinoy-hater. Finally got a chance to register. Just wondering, what does vol. mean? I see it used all the time. Please don't troll/hate on me cause I'm new. I really want to know. I mean, the only thing I could guess would be volume... but that doesn't seem to make sense in the context that it's used on HB.

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