anyone know when they'll be getting new merch in?

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so dope, just when you thought star wars merch was dying out.

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can't believe they're still putting money into this film franchise, talk about milking it...

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Currensy - The Jet Files great cd

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cheap monday makes some nice black denim for cheap

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name tag is def. swag.

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tried my homebrew jack3d for 90 days, didn't notice any results other than terrible caffiene withdrawals in the end :/. (5g Beta Alanine, 5g Creatine Monohydrate, 50mg 1,3 dimethyalamime, 200mg Caffiene).

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loving my audi all the way...

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VII takes em all

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can't take b's lyrics seriously, rapping about resident evil and what not...

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pusha + tyler = recipe for disaster

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vans authentics for sure.

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