so i'm nearly free and i need to sort out my search results. when you put my name in google (please don't use my name in this thread, or it'll compound the issue), the free zilla thread appears. i already have some ideas, but any suggestions are welcome. also: can we either delete that thread or censor my name from it?

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i've only done md once, not even weed or cigarettes, but i'm interested in acid and speed. anyone still in the "interested" phase of trying stuff out? and also if you've reached a stage where you're bored of drugs, lmk why and what was your poison. the psychology of recreational drug use is fascinating to me as kind of a recluse.

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[Embed content] s/o rosario dawson maybe being nude in this, also s/o films about the human mind. out march here and april in 'muricah

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[Embed content] shit looks like drive x wilfred x scalping lol i'm not into horror but i wanna see it. out march in the uk and us tba but i'm guessing spring

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insane independent sci-fi comedy both unlike anything i've seen and w the sensibility of scott pilgrim, super and cabin in the woods. it's kinda hard to explain the plot but it was released about a month ago on-demand (so is online in hd) and is getting a limited release later. time travel, soy sauce, clancy brown, paul giamatti, go see it

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so i just watched this yesterday and i thought the message of the film was that some relationships aren't meant to last and that that's okay and the whole film is showing how these people are not meant for each other long-term. the ending is this juxtaposed thing where joel is so hurt and broken and lost that he's willing to put himself through anything for the comfort of clementine, even though everything she says about how it's just gonna keep falling apart is true. SANDY thinks that they're "destined" to be together and they'll keep finding each other cos they're in love. i think this is bullshit and that she is missing the entire point of the film and is basically a real-life joel. WHO IS RIGHT? AM I PESSIMISTIC? IS SHE AN IDIOT?

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