What up HB, need these gone I unfortunately grew out of them. I do local meetups in NYC but must be my place, my time, I also accept Paypal but you must add 4%. PM me if interested. NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING. Supreme x Vans Half Cab '10 "Zero" Size 8 Condition 9/10 Worn 5x. (never skated in) Comes with everything except og box. Not listening to offers under $80. BIN $100 shipped or meetup. [Image]

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I can't stand when people sell shoes but don't have the og box like where can the og box possibly end up, and now I have to sell shoes without a box. I got so fucking mad when I couldn't find it. Anybody else deal with this?

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Let me know please, no og box or extra laces or og insole. http://imgur.com/afjAZ,clsYo,whJM4,coe9f,rQI2R,JyQdC#0 http://imgur.com/afjAZ,clsYo,whJM4,coe9f,rQI2R,JyQdC#1 http://imgur.com/afjAZ,clsYo,whJM4,coe9f,rQI2R,JyQdC#2 http://imgur.com/afjAZ,clsYo,whJM4,coe9f,rQI2R,JyQdC#3 http://imgur.com/afjAZ,clsYo,whJM4,coe9f,rQI2R,JyQdC#4 http://imgur.com/afjAZ,clsYo,whJM4,coe9f,rQI2R,JyQdC#5

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