Jay, I've got the same problem, but I'm sure it comes down to diet. I eat crap all the time, lol.

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CBS.com has a new HD video player, and many of its shows have episodes available on there. The best one, imo, is Star Trek remastered. Original Trek in HD is 100% win. The 720p picture quality is great. Looks like there are 7 eps available now; last time I checked there were 2. [URL]

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Nice, I noticed this website for Ben Stiller's character: [URL] The bio is hilarious, but his charity and film trailers are the best, lol! Can't wait to see all of the fake trailers during the movie.

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As long as there's no cow level, I'm in.

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I'll never understand government's fascination with blaming video games for violence. It must be a generational perception sort of thing. A NY state senator is trying to fund a commission to look into the effects of violent games on kids, and I find it intolerable to be honest. [URL] 1. It's obvious that kids shouldn't be subjected to certain content. Movies have ratings, games have ratings. 2. It is the parents' responsibility to monitor what games they get, and the ratings are there for that... 3. Stop wasting money! /rant

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I hope the Celts re-sign Posey and Tony Allen. Allen's been getting injured but he's a sparkplug when healthy. I liked how we got Bill Walker in the second round.

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I finally gave this show a chance about a year ago and watched every episode, either on TV or on DVD, and I'd go so far as to say this is the best cable show on TV right now. Unfortunately the final season is going to start this fall, but I'm dying to know what Vic Mackey does. For me, this is about as anticipated as the final season of The Sopranos and The Wire. Anyone else watch this?

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I laugh every time I watch the trailers for this, and that's rare for me. I feel like this is a more original way to lampoon Hollywood actors and business types. The R rating I've heard is every bit deserved because this doesn't shy away from gore either, lol.

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I don't see him doing well in MMA, but I would definitely watch him, and selling tickets and PPV's is why he's going to earn so much. Personally I never liked him, but I always watched in hoping that he'd lose.

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I expected the Mummy 4.

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Figured I'd bump this since the film's opening on Friday. Based on the TV spots, the cast also includes Ben Kingsley as Pitka's mentor, Daniel Tosh as a bar fight guy, and Jim Gaffigan and Stephen Colbert as hockey analysts. Looking forward to seeing Colbert on the big screen especially, he's very funny.

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"Did we just become best friends?" "Yup!" I doubt this will be better than Dumb and Dumber, but I'm hoping it comes somewhat close.

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[Quote] Yeah, that's Robert Goren, also my favorite on the show. I guess he has gotten a bit pudgy over the years, lol. Having him in an interrogation room is pure entertainment, I love it when he freaks out suspects and makes them crack. Hard to believe it's almost the 8th already! I already saw a commercial, and Goren's running wild. smokeyface

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[URL] This game is coming out next week and after reading about it I'm going to have to play it. The story mode sounds amazing; you're a fighter working your way up the boxing ranks, scheduling training and promotional events to reach the big stage, and it's presented like a sports documentary narrative. I always thought boxing games were fun, but they lacked the depth to keep me interested, and this sounds like it can keep my attention.

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I might ask for this for my birthday. I'll still go running, but it's so humid where I live that I'd prefer to stay in the climate-controlled environs of my living room.

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