[Image] Come out and support please! Enjoy it, Bring friends, Have fun!

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Hey everyone blushing I went out to Willow Springs International Raceway this past weekend for Ziptied All Star Bash! It wasa blast, met lots of great people, hung out with friends, and saw some badass cars do some badass drifting. Shoutouts to Risky Devil, Team Instant Party, and others who traveled a nice distance to support a great event! [Image] Please view the many more photos in a larger size at the [b][URL][/b]

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Sup ya'll, went to HellaFlush today and took some pictures, here are a few, don't feel like killing the bandwidth on the site so please check out the rest at my blog, [B][URL][/B] Please follow the blog as I will be updating daily! Thanks! [Image]

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Okay, acne is really starting to bug the shit out of me. I got some questions, what has worked for some of you guys? Know and little tips that can help go away? Post your questions too!

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