Stab him smokeyface

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12555  [URL]

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ACAB, simple as that.

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Manda Bynes is my boo, dog.

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Open your 3rd eye

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Asa Akira my dude

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I'mma fuck wit it heavy, no doubt. Buying a new gaming laptop just to run this bitch.

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When Will Smith kills his dog in I Am Legend

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Chorus is fire bruh

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OF  /thread

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How many feminists does it take to change a lightbulb? Trick question feminists can't change anything.

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no  /thread

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[Image] motherfuckas quick to forget.

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First time I turned up I was in 7th grade. My friends brother was in 10th grade and was having a house party. He was supposed to be staying at a friends and my friend was staying at my crib. Their parents knew the older brother would do some stupid shit but somehow he ended up getting away with staying home I don't know the details. Point is he threw a party and the little brother caught on but didn't tell him, the older brother was a goon at our school, a straight up legend, nah mean? So he told me it was goin' down tonight (a friday) so we started schemin' and we decided to just roll up to his crib round 11:30. (He lived like 1/4 mile away) Once we got there we just walked up in that motherfucka and everyone was gone so no one gave a fuck. His brother saw us and tried to make us leave but we pulled the biggest bitch card of all time and said we'd call his mom and he said fine and he didn't really give a fuck if we stayed but we had to at least drink so we didn't look like freaks (one of the worst influences in the history of my life, b.) So we each took like 3 shots and we were feelin' like stone cold champs and shit and then this sophomore bitch showed us how to smoke a pipe. She ending up getting held back a year and being a junior when we were freshmen and she was always cool to us so that was cool. Point is you now have 2 faded 13 year olds at a house party and we didn't wanna look like bitches so we drank whatever anyone gave us and then we ended up wandering home 'round 2AM and not getting caught. From that point on we basically started getting drinks off homeless people and buying bud from that bitch and we taught our friends in our grade how to get turnt. I was a middleschool legend after that, B. PS. I'm back hypebeast, did Boland ever get ban?

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