The Arm smokeyface

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what uniqlo denim?^

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Five Guys got the better fries x100

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Nigga if you're focused on how she's dressed then you're doin it wrong

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[Quote]this pic is really clean, good shit. Glad I didn't sleep on white

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Haven't been on hb in a minute, so I missed the first two voting rounds. After seeing the past rounds' fits, this is gonna be clean. Good luck fam

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Anyone else find war to be the best part of Clash? Making a couple of high-cost armies is more enjoyable to me than farming with barch/whatever. My friends and I play 10v10 wars, so its pretty fun when it gets strategical with attacks. The higher costs of upgrades for th9 seem like I would have to play a lot more to catch up with having all of my builders going. About to max out th8 defenses tho, just need some DE troops to upgrade

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Sold  10char

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BUMP. updated post with a pic of the eyelet flaw of one of the shoes

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Anyone interested in buying a fishtail parka size Large? Will sell at retail.

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For sale: SIZE 9 FBT bearfoot folk (box included, no dustbag)   condition: upper is good condition, only flaw is an inner metal eylet is a bit loose on one shoe (can send pic). soles kinda dirty. price: want what I paid for them, so 420 USD + shipping + Paypal fee shipping/payment info: located in US, so I prefer a US buyer unless you want to cover shipping.   Can send more pics for serious buyers if requested. PM me for more info/ PayPal email [Image]

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^ what are yall's favorite blunt wrap? my friends and i always smoke reg swishers, but grape is smokeyface

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[Quote]damn bruh, they're not fuckin around huh? what's Kevin Ma gonna do??

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who still on this tho? gonna max TH8 by the end of the month (not including lvl 8 walls), and my clan is 20-0 in clan wars

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damn, this guy killed 6 people smh

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