Preferably for 20-30$ or less but just link wuteva u have. Thanks in advance.

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So is specialforever and paris.

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I just hope you know that before you make fun of niggas in bulls snapbacks and jean jackets. Different hypes thats it. Oh and an unearned elitist attitude from you guys.

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90% or more of the time is but an illusion.

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I think imma be copping these. So far the release date is supposed to be early Novemeber 2012. Here's a rendering of the shoe by someone with firsthand knowledge on it: [Image] Again, its just a rendering and not an official image, but the source is apparently pretty reliable and so the shoe itself will be fairly similar.

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That's all I wanted to say. [Image]

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Im finna announce to my fam tomorrow that I dont believe in God, and I dont give a shit about all that religious crap. Btw my fam is a super god fearing african family. Litreally God is the beginnin and end for them. Everyone is practicing in my household and even tho ive strayed from it for a while now i never revealed the true me. Im done wit this tho they need to know. Wish me luck smh Btw any familiar stories or ideas of wuts the worst that can happen? My mom shoots me?

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It seems everyone in the fucking world thinks their parents are irreplacable Well, my moms a fucking crazy bitch. I dont rly kno my dad tho but i dont think id admire him or anything. wut about u HB

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[Image] blinkyeyes

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so i jus noticed the illuminati eye on 2 chainz album cover(is it coincidence that hes one of the biggest rapper out rite now? ) now ive never cared much about all these illuminati theories and shit, but now i actually want to get educated on the subject. i assume theres a lot of bullshit out there tho, so i made this thread for niggas to share what they know and also link others to intelligent sources. lego

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Aye this rite thurr b the official trannies appreciation thread jafeel smokeyface OFFICIAL THREAD PIC(NSFW): [Image] NSFW (NO DICK SHOWN) (NO DICK SHOWN) (DICK SHOWN, LOL)

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I wanna be a ladies man. I love women. No, scratch that, I ADORE women. To me, they're not simply the epitome of God's creating abilities, they are the representation of God himself – in other words, perfection – on earth. Hey, you know what's weird tho? I don't talk to women. I don't hang out with women. Hell, I barely even look at women when I see them (except when they don't see me, of course lol). You'd think my feelings towards them were the complete opposite of what I just expressed the way I'm so secluded from them. I want that to change, however. I want to be able to see a woman walking down the street, go up to her, and tell her how beautiful I think her eyes are and that seeing her smile from my compliment just made my day. Yes, my intentions are to get them in bed (making sweet love to women: the ultimate celebration of their beauty), but it's not just about that. I really want to praise them. Worship them. Basically, be honest with them. I'm never going to be a hypocrite in any ?, including in my pursuit of women. My goal is to become a ladies man whose game is built on pure honesty, and, I guess, charm. I wanna seduce them romantically a la Casanova lol. To achieve that though, I know some changes will have to be made. We'll dive into that later, I've got to get ready for school now.

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Dat show bout to be sumthin mega epic so i myte as well make the thread now :smokeyface: edit: if someone could actually show me how to do the smokey face

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Im lost. I dont know what to do. Im 18 and havent graduated HS yet. No job. My only true passion is ball and im pretty greezy(im the most talented person ive ever seen) at it but its too late for me to start being serious about it. Im thinking maybe I should become a screenwriter/director or sumthin?? Writing is my next passion and i have a very visual imagination. Idk man... im just chillin shirtless on the computer, unmotivated and slightly depressed. I just started a blog for the fuck of it and to explore my writing potential. Subscribe to it or wuteva

Started by How To Find A Purpose In Life, 2 Weeks ago in Off Topic To all my fellow basketball enthusiasts, it is time for us to save this magnificent sport that is so dear to our hearts. It is time for us, as NBA fans, to stand up to David Stern and this travestied version of the game he is creating. A game that was once about skills, physical ability, and basketball IQ, is now about WHICH TEAMS DO THE REFS HELP MORE. And if games aren’t rigged, they are nonetheless negatively affected by this modern style of reffing that somehow doesn’t allow grown men that hit the gym everyday to deliver even "kittens cuddling" level of contact upon each other. This isn’t about rigged games as much as it is about incompetent and overdone reffing. Although, admittedly, the former is what urged me to start this page. All I ask is for you, fans of the beautiful sport of basket-ball and supporters of fairness, ethicality and just good ol’ entertainment, to join me in this protest and NOT WATCH THE 2012 NBA FINALS in order to send a message to Mr. Stern: We want our NBA back. Thank you.

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