Very very clean, somethin subtle to throw on for an everyday look. Ill cop.

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Crazy spots downtown Fulton carry SBs now. Recently Ive seen the Morks and even a few pair of Hawaiss. Theyre authenticity Im not sure of, but do they make fake Morks alreadi?

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Johnny Blaze does sign a contract with a devil (or whoever the movie will adapt him to be). A character as dark and gritty as Ghostrider tho should def have R rated material, but of course Marvel wants as many people as possible 2 have access to the movie, so y would they do somethin like that. An R rated mite shy parents away from taking their children 2 c it. Now what movie they realllliiiii need 2 make is The Darkness, anyone read teh comics??

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[Quote] wowwwwww smfh. Whos the chick tho. I wanna say Tara Reid but im def sure its not

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[Quote] lmfao, i would cop it wuz $30, co-sign wit him

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Why does that site look so fishy, have u done business with them before??

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I would say the Hawaiis have the best fakes right now, seeing as how most of them you would have to look at the actual insole to tell the diff.

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Been searchin my ass off lookn for just a pic of it on the net, what was the shirt recently that was super exclusive with the Japanese model in a bathing suit wit the Tiffanys around her neck, or even the unkles?? If someone can provide a pic, I would even go as far as Paypal'ing them 2 bux!smokeyface

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no competition at all, morks hands down!&)

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Top Back Remix- T.I, Young Jeezy, BG, Young Dro

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OOOooo Alf, my pops let me watch a few episodes that he recorded back in the day, that show is mighty jazzy Im gonna have 2 go with Martin or the Jamiee Foxx show tho.

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Wuhhhh Silver Surfer is gonna b in that?? CG or an actual actor with some gay ass body paint??

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Sheesshh, just this past summer alone Ive spent damn near $3500 on kicks.?) I dont even know where these kicks are at thats the weird thingblinkyeyes

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Jus copped, very jazzy in person. If u dont wanna get stuck wearing what everyone else has tho, y dont u just wait and unds like next winter sometime.

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