I was there at this show, kinda nearby, it really wasn't scripted.

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Yo real good looks on the drum kit, my producer found it real useful. Unfortunately we don't have any special kits that anyone doesn't have access to. Although if you didn't already know I would reccomend visiting the reason website and downloading the free ReFills, some of the sythns are pretty dope.

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[URL] - The song is called Light It up I made this song all today with my producer, its sort of just a feel good song, I would appreciate any feedback, opinions etc..

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[I]"Voted unlikely to succeed cause my class was full Of naysayers, cheaters and thieves All it gave me was a good enough reason to leave And put the writing on the wall for y'all to read it and weep" "Compelled me to excel when school it failed me Expelled me and when the principal would tell me I was nothin, and I wouldn't amount to shit I made my first million and counted it Now look it, a fuckin drop-out that quits [B]Stupid as shit, rich as fuck, and proud of it"[/B] "And yes, barely pass any and every class Lookin' at every ass Cheated on every test I guess this is my dissertation Homie, this shit is basic Welcome to graduation" "I pimp hard on a trick, look Fuck if your leg broke bitch, hop up on your good foot"[/I] you could actually use the first one if its not too long.

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I've been recording for about a year now, and I was so much worse when I first started recording (I had just turned 16), not that my opinion is any better than anyone else's but I'll try to help you out. When you put songs out, you have as many chances as you want to record them, don't put it out if you have a part where your off beat or mess up a line, Just re-do it (right after the 8 mile line). Your voice is much better than Cryptick, but yeah it does have that touch of hispanic in it, not that its bad. Another thing, I dont know if you read that off paper or memorized it, but try to memorize your verses cuz its easier to spit it with emotion that way or just focus on bringing a bit more energy. Try doubling and ad-libbing a bit on your songs, see if you like how it comes out, it can make it better. But keep it up man, Your good. Thats all i got off the top of my head, I hated when people wouldn't give me thorough responses for my songs so I felt like i should go into detail.

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Now the beat from stronger is real nice imo, but I recall from ye's old mixtapes, the beats would be real low quality compared to the album, if this makes the album expect to feel the beat a lot more

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Yo wutup, I'm heading up to NY city(planning on it, not for sure) prolly like thursday, me and a friend are going but were both under 18, (16 and 17) so is there any way we could reserve a hotel? I need some type of suggestions as far getting a place to stay, I doubt a fake ID would work, and I might be able to get someone to check us in but its a bit of a strecth, so im wondering if ne one here knows anything that could be of help to me. It would be MUCH apprecitiated, thanks. Edit** I think i might have a person to check me in but does the name on the credit card ur paying with have to be the same as the name checking in?

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I saw lupe at 930 last tuesdays, his shows are fireeeee, I've seen people say his live shows aren't that great but I disagree, I reccomend to whoever was thinking about maybe going to the show at sonar, to definetly go, It's worth it. Flex matthews opening for lupe, was wearing a majors cap. also does anyone know when the commonwealth is supposed to open in DC, like an estimate?

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Bury me a g - young jeezy I hope heaven got a VIP line, Got some partners in hell that will sneak me in the back door, You know I hate waiting in line.

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are the scarfs available for purchase online? cuz i didnt see em

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For me, I was somewhere in the heart of bolivia, around a city with a foreign name that seems to have slipped my name at the moment, when I saw a small fire burning down a dimly lit alley, Suspiciously I decided to check it out. I saw a group of people dressed differently from the natives of the area, they had come from america, and were holding an exclusive meeting about the future of streetwear. At first sighting of me, shots were fired, but when they heard me yell in their language, they settled. As I had been exposed to the streetwear outfits they had been wearing, it was either kill me or induct me into the society, I had just picked a dimesack and they didn't really have much to do, so I was welcomed pretty whole-heartedly. I can't really recall the first time I learned about it, but I had seen something like bape a while back, and jus looked around on the net, and asked some friends who had been in it for minute, and so it began.

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"Rick Kang November 29th, 2006 e I

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Ya that line from roses was bad but imo, but I wouldn't say the lyrics were horrible, "I asked the nurse "did you do the research?" She ask me, "can you sign some t-shirts?" Bitch Is you smokin reefer? You dont see that we hurt..." I could see that happening, and I thinks its pretty clever not to mention some other lines in there, plus his flow is nice on it. In all I think that song has some nice lyrics because its not supposed to come off as a lyrical extravaganza but more just his true feelings and he did a good job of that.

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Lupe will also be at 930 club december 5th but thats a tuesday which makes it a bit unappealing

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