I like it a lot better but I still think you can do better on that header font. In my opinion I could see a nice clean serif in all caps up there. Maybe what you have for your favicon?

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The background gradient just pulls my eye from the content, keep the attention where it counts. The tabs, or buttons, don't fit unless your going for that filing cabinet theme? I would lose the rounded corners and shrink them down a good bit, again it's competing with your content. Also, I'm seeing 2 sets of FB & Twitter share options in the sidebar?

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Nice illustration but I think people are going interpret the context of the graphic differently. Personally, I didn't see it as the #1. It reminded me of people holding their finger up outside a concert looking for tickets. Could do well for someone with a new face tat.

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I highly doubt it's a font, probably influenced from some handwriting. Might try some chisel tip markers and start experimenting, see what you come up with.

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The second one is stronger. I wouldn't stress if people don't see it literally, still pleasing mark to look at.

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