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1. Launch Cydia. 2. Add the source "cydia.xsellize.com" 3. Search "gpSPhone" 4. Add the "gpSPhone" from the xSellize source to your queue. 5. Seach "gpSPhone again and this time add the "gpSPhone Bios" to your queue. 6. Go install both of them from the queue. 7. Respring your iDevice. 8. Locate the gpSPhone icon on the last page of your applications. 9. Launch gpSPhone for the first time. 10. Follow the simple in app instructions on how to download ROMs (Games) right from the app itself! [Image]

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[Image] You have one guy at the payphone and one guy handing out flyers door to door. If they call the number, your boy says yes those are the offices and then they "donate" cash to you. You put the offices as far away as possible in the same area code, so it's reasonable that they don't know about the fake ASPCA branch, yet the payphone can be right around the corner. If you think it's wrong, eat a dick. tongueface

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Any of you flip? Kinda a random question but it's a hobby of mine. I'm not that good but I fuck around with it from time to time. This is probably my best edit, even though it's fairly old, it's just the trailer 'till I have more free time, but, whatever: [Embed content]

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Post your opinions below... 1. Big L 2. The Notorious B.I.G. 3. MF DOOM 4. NAS 5. 2pac 6. Eminem 7. Ludacris 8. Jay Z 9. André 3000 10. Mos Def 11. Common 12. Kool G Rap 13. Kanye West 14. Talib Kweli 15. Black Thought 16. Lauryn Hill 17. Prodigy 18. Jadakiss 19. Sage Francis 20. Immortal Technique 21. Rakim 22. Big Daddy Kane 23. KRS One 24. Raekwon 25. Lil Boosie

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How are you guys feeling about the brand Daily-Doses? They are a sick strapback company on the come up, if you haven't seen them check out www.daily-doses.com [Image]

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