This model looks so sick!! I think I would shell out the money for this. The detail is perfect!

Started by Metal Gear Rex 15" Tall Model, 2 Weeks ago in Arts

i dont really like any of them animation flicks but i gotta admit this one looks pretty good! its called 9. movie trailer looks dope.

Started by 9, 2 Weeks ago in Entertainment

I know been been out for a while now but I didnt see a thread on it... [Image] I love this car, it looks so mean.

Started by Mitsubishi Evo X, 2 Weeks ago in Automotive

Started by Obama & McCain Dance Off, 2 Weeks ago in Off Topic

Anyone here skate? I just bought a board 3 days ago at adrift. I'm still having trouble staying on the board while moving and on top of that my area (Pickering) doesn't really have any good places to skate plus the roads aren't that smooth. Any tips?

Started by Skateboarding, 2 Weeks ago in Canada