[Quote]Fuckin loony smh Complex

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[Quote]I've a some experience. In the NoVa area

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Del Barcos, sperrys, and huarache free runs. Way too comfortable

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Just between visiting galleries and showings in DC and Richmond you see that kind of corruption a fair bit. I wouldn't say that's how most artists are nowadays considering I have personal friends who do have passionand have seen a bit of success, but the people I've seen making a living off it are doing exactly as you described.

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@itsscuba follow back if youre not tweet gram'd out

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Wiz circa 2006 - show and prove TDE group Cool Kids around their Rhapsody commercial era Crooks n Castles '04, 10 deep around the same time Just random little things off the top of my head

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I pretty much settled for the same thing. Only used this dry cleaning place next to a 7-11 in Fairfax for hemming. Did a pretty good job though

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http://turncoatcollective.tumblr.com random shiglets.

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[Quote] And we have a winner

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dime bag, doritos, and fast food

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Random stuff to endlessly scroll through http://turncoatcollective.tumblr.com

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His album threw a lot of people off. GreenHouse Effect then pretty much everything after his album has been rocking. Esp. the singles he's put out lately.

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Started last week, ho's arent gonna know how to act when school gets going.

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The whole review, TRUF

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