Up for sale: Payment *Paypal* ONLY! Shipping USPS Priority w/ tracking PM ME! Size 9 Vans DQM Chukka (released in 2007) VNDS 9.5/10 comes with all other laces BIN: $100 obo [Image]

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For sale: Size 9 HUF Vans Old School (Red Suede) Condition: 8/10 (no box) Shipping: USPS Priority w/ tracking (US only!) Payment: Paypal ONLY! Gift or add 4% Price: $70 + shipping [Image]

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Got a few pairs, locally made here in SD. Premiums and fort knox are the best quality, so get one of those. They run kinda small if your new era size is bigger than 7 1/2 btw, they don't provide a tracking number w/ shipping.

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[B]Want to buy (in NDS or DS):[/B] New Eras size 7 5/8 Black scale: [URL] Any Hundreds Snapbacks Also interested in any other fitteds ( 7 5/8 ) in good/new condition. [B]PM ME, Paypal Ready.[/B]

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Payment sent for supreme fitted

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PM'd about some hats

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Oh shit, finally came out, bout to watch it right now smokeyface

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cigs; no trees; possibly

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Yeah, those apartments are nice, a few blocks from campus, but i'm not sure if they're still accepting new residents right now cuz i think they do 10 month leases, not rly sure though. I'd also recommend looking at University Towers, its like right across the street from fraternity row / sororities and the gym. I see a lot of chicks staying up there. But if you have a car, the apartments you posted are fine imo

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i go to sdsu, shitload of baaadddd bitches and theres not as much drug activity as everyone says there is and there are NO checkpoints ( ?) who ever said that is dumb as fuck). Those dumbasses that got caught earlier were setup by undercover cops. SDSU > any community college in SD. Period. As far as living, if you're going to be a full time student, i'd recommend living in one the apartments near to state. They go for about 1,100 a month for 2 bedrooms. If not, Pacific beach is pretty dope, mad far though, so idk if you want to travel about 30 miles in traffic a day. As for employment, if you mean a part time job? State has a shitload of jobs for students with hella flexible hours. Like standing around the bookstore lol. LMK if you got anymore questions.

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[Quote] a shitload of dumb white broads, lots of cute aznchikz too smokeyface Just make sure to strap up cuz 75% of them got the herps btw, what are you going to major in?

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[Image] smokeyface

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To class flee market beanie $2 SDSU Sweatshirt $40 apc's $150 huf old skools $80

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