[COLOR="Red"]Brand new never worn re-release of the classic "A Bathing Ape wants YOU to GO APE!" t-shirt Size XL Size is 2010 sizing so fits a little slimmer than older sizes Check Bape.com for sizing Paypal only Will ship via EMS with tracking from Japan ONLY This protects both you and me Please pm me with your offer which will include paypal fee and shipping cost I will put this on ebay soon if I dont get any interest here[/COLOR] [Image]

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This months theme is [B][COLOR="Red"]"Emotional Portraits"[/COLOR][/B] Can be a self portrait or of a friend etc, showing emotions. Laughing, crying, sad, mad etc etc Only one entry per person please post the picture u want to submit in this thread [B][COLOR="Red"]the comp will close on Sunday 25th April[/COLOR][/B] then there will then be a week(ish) for voting The winner will get to chose next months theme please try and keep this thread to pictures only. I hope to see lots of entries this month Thanks

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lol my bad, i did a search and nothing came up smh deeeeeleteeee

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So, i used to watch lots of HK movies back in the day stuff like: a better tomorrow series soul of the assassin tiger on the beat the executioners all the jackie chan movies john woo/ chow yun fat movies ringo lam movies ekin cheng movies (storm riders, twins effect etc) then it went back to chinese rule and everyone left and went to America and made crappy movies (excluding a few) the last good HK movie I watched was New Police Story which was amazing anyone out there able to recommend any newly released HK movies? looking for more modern day action style films. not stuff like Hero, Crouching Tiger, Red Cliff. Thanks

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[URL] [Quote]

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This months theme was "Bokeh" Winner! 1 [Image] Congratulations to lawlercon thanks to all who voted

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A very rare A Bathing Ape Bapeheads show 2002 t-shirt Size is XL - pm me if you want exact measurements Print on the front is fine but the print on the back is slightly faded (it is 8 years old after all!) NO other marks or strain or holes etc STARTING OFFER IS $30 not including shipping PAYPAL only Will be shipped worldwide via EMS from Japan with tracking number for your benefit and mine Shipping via EMS is $15.00 I will ship normal post but the buyer must agree that I am not responsible for the item once it has been posted. PM me your offer including shipping please [Image] PM me with any questions Thanks for looking

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Topic : "Bokeh" Post your best Bokeh picture taken in March. Any subject, as long as the picture contains some form of [URL] Picture must have been taken in March Entrance will run until March 22nd then I will open a voting thread. one entry per person please only use this thread for posting competition entry pictures. thanks Good luck all!!

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Congratulations to SaVaGeDrIfTeR 4 [Image]

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Topic : "Your Best of Feb" Post your best picture take in February. Open topic, anything goes. Nice and simple topic, so post your best picture taken in February. Entrance will run until FEBRUARY 20TH then i will open a voting thread. one entry per person Good luck all!!

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"Holiday Spirit" Congratulations to vinFTW! 8 = vinFTW [Image]

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I'm legit and have plenty of refs on Bapetalk, Bapetalk2, and Ebay Will ship WORLDWIDE for $35 via EMS signed for delivery This will protect you and me (I also make no money on this. Infact it usually costs me a little more than this to send) I will ship non-EMS but this will be at your own risk and I will not be responsible if the item is lost or damaged etc I will ship as gift and at low value. If you want me to ship at the value you paid for insurance reasons then let me know I only accept Paypal [Image] very good condition very little ware on the soles and innersole (both bape prints are still intact on the innersole) very little creasing on the toe box pm me for more pictures if you want them [B][U]s/o $40 not including shipping[/U][/B] pm me with offers please

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The January Photo Competition [COLOR="Red"][U]Holiday Spirit[/U][/COLOR] Submission dates [U][COLOR="Red"][B]January 1st until January 23rd[/B][/COLOR][/U] There will then be 1 week to vote for your favourite Winner will chose next topic Please post your picture in this thread [COLOR="Red"]Please only use this thread to post your entry, thank you[/COLOR] [U][COLOR="Red"][B]only 1 picture per person[/B][/COLOR][/U] Photo must have been taken between December 1st and January 23rd Thank you

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Red Panda - sold for $250 shipped NBHD lvl 1 Basic cut - Large used but very good condition These jeans were rigid when i got them but they have been washed and are now soft and as u can see from the pics, the fades look great s/o $150 shipped worldwide via EMS with tracking number Paypal only no trades [Image] please contact me with any questions, either here or via email [email]yom@swaggerdap.com[/email] thanks for looking

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