I knew I should have bought this when it came out last year. Now I am trying to get it for my gf. Any leads? Will purchase through HB from someone Thanks

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I'm going to a wedding tomorrow, what are some brands that offer quality sports coats? Also, are they readily available in stores (obv. I need to pick the coat up tonight). Bullshit responses welcome, sincere responses appreciated. thanks

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can someone photoshop the kid on the right's face: onto owen wilson's face: thanks!

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If you know the song "Autumn Sweater" by Yo La Tengo, or if you don't: h t t p://soundcloud. c o m/alligators/autumn-sweater-chinese-harp I made this using some freeware. smokeyface Thanks for listening!

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The jumpoff: R. Kelly's "Remix to Ignition" (hate not) Basically I want R&B / Rap / HipHop thats sexual but also funky. Music to bump to with my girl as a cool down after the get down. thanks

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Should I shave my face every day, which is a pain in the ass, or grow a scrappy-looking beard/goatee? I have to do one or the other because my (female) boss tongueface hates the 5 0'clock shadow and threatened to fire me on account of it. thanks HB

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You gotta replace that roll of toilet paper Do you guys put it so the paper comes ready-to-tear OVER the roll, or under from BEHIND the roll?

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