Looking for a fitted red blazer. I checked Zara (they've got a whole suit for chicks) and googled it but admittedly didn't necessarily "scour the earth". Where can I find one? In this color: [URL]

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[Quote]Thanks I PMed you the actual brand name lol

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[Quote]Naaa not yet wanna get those to you guys real soon tho. I'm a perfectionist so I'd like for you guys to get the full affect, but fxck it I might just post a couple of the designs up once my boy does his thing in photoshop he's dumb nice so you and me both would get to see what they look like on actual shirts. Ok back to picking these winners lol.

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I'm having trouble with one of my 100+ t-shirts designs. I'm starting with 10, and one of the finalist......I think. "At what cost" is a design I'm having trouble with, because I've got about 3 different variations in my head, so I'd like to know what you guys think. Variation 1 (At what cost) - Red devilish hands long nails black polish holding a rosary. That's semi set on fire because well the devil's holding it lol. Rosary will start from neck of tee as if actually being worn. Other hand will be dropping smaller diamonds. (I want to avoid bigger diamonds and cartoon diamonds, because of DS co.). Don't know how far down the tee and how many. Any other ideas for obvious/flashy status symbols? Was thinking of cash but that may look sort of cheap/not as appealing as diamonds from far away. The appeal of the diamond is that there pretty much a universal symbol for success, and would allow wearer to catch others attention, and have ppl pay attention to the graphic/shirt. Maybe just a bunch of status symbols being dropped by hand two (car keys, watch, one diamond lol, money, gold, etc..) Thinking of writing "At what cost" on the back in Latin. Variation 2 (The trade) - Still not 100% on this one could go a couple of different ways, but the main idea would be a human hand(s) coming from one side of the tee and demonic hand(s) coming from other with action taking place in the middle. Idea one is to have demonic hand handing human hand a check. On which I could write some stuff that would communicate the overall metaphor more clearly. Variation 3 (The Marriage) - Same as two except demonic hand puts diamond ring on human finger. "At what cost" on the back in Latin.

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[Quote]lol no

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[Quote]LMFAO.....Can someone show me what they consider to be the dopest pyrex piece? Nxggas paying $1000+ to wear boxing shorts and are probably over 200 pounds hype is a real thing omg...omg lol

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[Image] Can anyone ID this shirt my nxgga Blake is wearing? Thanks

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Got bored......Made a mix.......Enjoy. http://www.mediafire.com/?d2ddzrnbz6t1pqy Tracklisting: Rihanna - Birthday Cake The Very Best - Julia The Blow - True Affection Jamie XX - Far Nearer Jacques Greene - Another Greene Daft Punk - Something About Us Tyler, The Creator - Friend Zone R Kelly - Ignition (Remix) N*E*R*D - Tape You Madvillian - Eye Little Dragon - Twice Fiest - 1234 tUnE-YaRD's - Powa Chairlift - Bruises Animal Collective - Chocolate Girl Sleigh Bells - Rill Rill St. Vincent - Surgeon Lykke Li - I follow Rivers Jay-Z & Kanye West - That's My B*tch Neon Indian - Polish Girl Bobby Generic - Tonight - http://soundcloud.com/andneverdies/tonight (not available for download yet) Dream - Fancy Frank Ocean - Thinkin About You Rihanna - Skin Aaliyah - One in a million The Internet - Garden Length: 98:54 Genre: Domestic Commentary: Julia - Don't kno why this shxt is on here tbh sounded cool after the intro I guess. True Affection - inb4shakethatlaffeytaffey Far Nearer - Jamie = that nxgga Another girl - Remove the weeknd's crass lyrics from his instrumentals add an 808 and what do you get?............Class. Eye - This shxt is soothing no mo, chill as fxck gotta smoke to this one day. Little Dragon - Yukimi.........that's all. tUnE-YaRD's - Shxtting on all these 'pretty' bxtches go get her album if you haven't already. Or if your a dick rider and need incentive pitchfork rated it #7 on albums of the year. Seriously tho one of my new favorites sort of like an acoustic fem animal collective. Chocolate Girl - ...............Get it Tonight - From my boy Bobby Generic's up and coming 'characters welcome' EP that breakdown at 2:40 tho>>>>>>>> this was actually finished before 'Purple Swag' guess he took an L 'timing wise' lol but we didn't see Rocky coming, and it wouldn't gave mattered anyway. We take our time and it shows. 2 more of his tracks are streaming there as well for now. Garden - If you got high to this shxt this'll bring you back Bonuses: Tracks I wanted to put on the tape but didn't make the cut Chiddy Bang - Truth Discovery - Orange Shirt Mr. Muthafuckin Exquire - Build A Bitch Bobby Generic preforming skip to 31:41 [Embed content]

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Azealia >>>>>>>>>> Azalea [Embed content] thread fixed >>>>>>>>>>>>>

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[Quote] lmao ya'll be going in on em dudes here I'm black tho.

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[Quote] haha faggot.

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[Quote] ^^ this shit sounds wavvy how do I check the emails tho?

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[Quote] he on the forum?

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[Quote] na not even lol

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