from the 80s..what do u think? [Image]

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hey. i need this info asap. does anybody have some measurements for a stussy crewneck in size XL? if this helps: stussy Ts in L fit me PERFECT. i put on a crewneck once in size L and it was a little small i think... but im still unsure and measurements would help me A LOT blushing thank you

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do they?

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hey. i need to know which shops in washington carry the following products, both size XL: Orisue Open Sky hoodie Red/black XL Krew too live hoodie black XL if possible with the exact adress blushing thank you.

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Hey. Does somebody know how Orisues hoodies fit? do they run large/small, or similar to LRG (got a hoody from them, so i could compare)?

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hey. a friend of mine is currently in oklahoma and he said he could buy something for me if i want blushing so my question is: are there any nice streetwear/sneaker shops in oklahoma city or dallas? if u know them, do u know if they have a website/the range of products they have? thanks a lot blushing edit: especially in tulsa o_O if that helps...

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hey guys. i found a shop where they still have the lrg iron maiden hoodies/track jackets. i could cop them for ~125 $.... if i look @, i see them going for like 200$+! what do u safe would it be to buy a couple of these hoodies and sell them on tell me what u think blushing

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