[Image] 50 shipped OBO Condition 10/10 Never Warn Brand new SIze 7.5......TITLE SAYS BUT THEY ARE ACTUALLY 7.5 Located US EITHER SALE OR TRADE

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About to ask some chick I know to go out with me tomorrow out of nowhere, HB fam you think that's a weird way to start putting in work. I talk to her sometimes here and there but I'm sure she'll be surprised when I ask her out

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I'm planning on buying some Janoskis and came across this site http://www.nikeskateboardingshoes.eu/ any of you ever bought from here it looks pretty sketchy

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why do all you hypebeast members care so much about what type of attire you be wearing? I do to don't get me wrong when you look good you feel good, but sometimes just I don't give a fuck. It gets expensive and tiring trying to live a superficial lifestyle nah mean?

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well i wanted to know if anybody ever had gf that wasnt a complete dime yet, but when you dumped them and saw them a while later they someone got very attractive and you regretted dumping them.

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Does anybody know how to remove a permanent marker(sharpie black) stain from khaki pants....but that it works for sure?

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damn this so is so deep.. I've been trying to find an instrumental version of this song in mp3 format or at least the song in instrumental, plz help and take a listen for yourself.blushing nujabes - who's theme (check it out on youtube)

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