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Yo fam I'm bout to graduate highschool and go to art school in september, but I got a whole summer to fill up. I was thinking of makin some $$$ rather than sitting around doing nothing. So does anyone know of any niche items/markets on ebay that make quick money?

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I was browsing reddit and found some stories about guys eating their girls so I was wondering if I should go through with it. What do you guys think? Has anyone here tried this? How should I season the meat? Or should I just make sushi?

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[Image] What More Did You Expect?

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so im 17 and im going to art school in the fall. its winter here but soon spring/summer will come and i was thinking of dropping 100 on a 49cc pocket bike just to ride around. the one i could get would look like this: [Image] i was thinking just to get it and fuck around the neighborhood with it. i mean its 100 but i might as well have some fun before i move for school. what do you guys think? also has anyone ever gotten into police chases with these? im planning on running from cops a few times if they stop me to check for insurance or whatever

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this guys been mad dedicated and lately been droppin some mad hits so i felt like it was time to make a thread [Embed content]

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He gave me a long explanation about how the U.S invested a lot of money into iraqi money and when Iraqs currency goes back onto the market place it will be worth a lot and i will have $75, 0000 if i choose to cash in. What do u guys think?

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what should i do guys? she told me yesterday and i havent talked to her since. dont rly know what to say

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maybe like 50-100 people are coming. what should i do if the cops come?

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does anyone know if its possible to make real lean (purple drank) in canada? if not, what are the best alternatives?

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[Embed content] thoughts?

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Bruh what the fuck is going on bruh. Planes going missing and shit. Nigs kidnapping little girls??? They have the cure for HIV and not telling people??? This is the planet we life on nigga. This shit ham as fuck. Damn. They doin all this shit then tell me I can't smoke a blunt or I go to jail. Bruh yall can suck a whale dick. I'm over this shit bruh. We as a people need to realize the people controlling this shit dont give a fuck about us. Nigga the government killed Martian Luther King??? The fuck is going on??? We the only life we know to exist in this cold ass solar system. We flying through space thousands of miles per hours. And this how we treat each other. We need to tighten up and make a change as human beings to no longer take this bullshit anymore. That's all.

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So I live in a pretty white area in San Diego but theres this one dude at my highschool who is like a full on cholo. Hes got 213 tatted on his chest and he drives a donk to school. Now everytime I see this dude walking around @ school I just have to stare at him for like a good 3 minutes. Dude's hair just looks immaculate. Not a single piece of hair is out of place. It's just this fucking perfect slicked back flow. I really want to know what he uses in his hair but im kinda scared that the dude will like beat me up or shank me or something. what do you guys think?

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If you eat the apple after smoking from it your farts will smell like bud the next day. I took a piss and farted in the bathroom and walked out into the kitchen and it was as if I smoked a quick bowl in there. No one noticed it except my uncle. He tried to smell my sweatshirt and he just laughed and said he was confused. The whole day I kept farting and he kept wondering what it was. I think at one point he got down on his knees under the pretense of dropping something and was sniffing my ass...

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