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[Image] https://www.facebook.com/events/157355841070685/ We would proudly like to announce the hosting of our first GRUESOME AUTOMOTIVE meet! So come out and join us with your GRUESOME AUTOMOTIVE PROJECTS (all gruesome makes welcome : hellaflush, function, cycles, euro, jdm etc), chill with some brews & waffles @ Iron Press or oysters from SHUCK. Also, meet some new faces and see some familiar ones. Please respect the area no revving, speeding, bumping. Great location for meets, lets keep it that way. Stickers, Tees, and Accessories soon to come We are also looking for GRUESOME REPS/PHOTOGRAPHERS/BLOGGERS Contact Christopher : BATTALION17@gmail.com GRUESOME, AND THEN SOME. Check us out on Tumblr : http://gruesomeperfecture.tumblr.com/

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-------------------------------------- PM me for any inquires. Check the list below. PAYPAL PAYMENTS +4% Local pickup (OC) or PAID POSTAL. Please include your zip code. International shipping, $43.45USD for a medium sized USPS box. Intl shipping is really harsh, but if you know a better route I would love to know a cheaper route. --------------------------------------------------------------------- **check out the A A w h o l e s a l e website, its quite close to my list! --------------------------------------------------------------------- Mens------------------------------------------------------------- Short Sleeves, T-Shirts 2001 Unisex Jersey T-Shirt $11 2001HA Helvetica Alphabet T-Shirt $13 2001ORG Unisex Fine Jersey S/S T-Shirt $11 2406 Unisex Pocket T $11 2410 Unisex Ringer $11 2412 Unisex Fine Jersey Leisure Shirt $21 2412ORG Unisex Fine Jersey Leisure Shirt $21 2456 Unisex Fine Jersey S/S V-Neck $11 2456ORG Fine Jersey S/S V-Neck $12 2471 Fine Jersey S/S Henley $13 4400 Mens/Unisex Baby Rib T-Shirt $11 6401 Sheer Jersey A/A Summer T-Shirt $12 6401AW Acid Wash Jersey S/S Summer T $14 6456 Sheer Jersey S/S Deep V-Neck $15 6456AW Acid Wash Jersey Deep V-Neck Summer T $14 BB401 Poly-Cotton Short Sleeve Crewneck Tee $10 HL401 Highlighter Jersey Short Sleeve T-Shirt $15 M434 Unisex Gym T $10 TR401 Tri-Blend Track Shirt $11 TR456 Tri-Blend Short Sleeve Deep V-Neck $12 TR461 Tri-Blend Short Sleeve V-Neck $12 TR480 Tri-Blend S/S Scrimmage Shirt $10 RSA6402 Sheer Jersey Loose Crew Summer T-Shirt $12 2011 Power Washed Tee $12 PL401 Sublimation Tee $10 DR401 drirelease

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All Brand New Available for pick up in OC 3 B540 Black/ Silver $11 1 B563 Blue/ Black $18 1 B563 White/ Black $18 1 2456 XXS White $10 1 2456 XXS Heather Grey $10 1 6456 XS Black $11 1 6311 S Black $9 1 TR401 S Black $10 1 TR401 S Coffee $10 1 5454 S Navy $21 1 F497 XS Cranberry $24 1 F497 L Asphalt $24 [Image]

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i wanted to know what everyone thinks about that presagged design? and them tees? and the hooded scarf. i'm not diggin' the cut and sew is mad stellar though! check it out @ [URL]

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