alright thanks everybody are there any good retail stores in america that io can find this stuff at the shirts are alright but culd veyr easily use on e of those hats its goodd stuff haha so is starbux owned by fabolous too or what

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alright easy people i know how to spell correctly im actually quite the good speller i have decent pics that i found but was wondering what other pics people have or can find post 'em up if you find please and i have seen these starbury 2s in real life pretty hott stuff

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where culd i get emm att i knoo dere r madd cheap is their quality worth itt though??let me in on da knowledge peeps thankss sum piccs wuld help too

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oo i didnt know kanyeezy released blzers too i knew bout those bapes which r pretty hot for awhilee thoughh hmmm popp that collar kanyee tongueface

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[Image] any info on these relatively new fab clothes lines ive seen the yung rich kings logo before just wonderin if anyone knew anything sprecial like here to buy dis stuff and suchh any lonline stores??thankss peeps smokeyface

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one of luther vandross hits like dance with my father i actually cry sometimes wen im by myself listening to it ill admit i aint afraid to cry its a blue jointt

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as of now about 3,500 including my cds i imported and other things like that i update a lot though soo shuld be at 4000 in no time

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how is he back??dropped a mitxape my man??...

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im gonna have to jr writer or lil weezy or juelz im a big dipset fan their lyrics are very tioght and i can always relate ot their extreme metaphors and humorous punchlines and shitt.... i dont know about the mainstream but jr hell and juelz are def puttin it down on the mixtape circuit they the bets out there jr shuld be dropping again soon along wit killa cams new shytt and weezy has proved he is very versatile which is why he is another candidate >smh|0

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haha dis video is completely insanee i love the concept as well havent heard some of slick ricks shytt in a minutee funny when eminems estate gets raided by the swat team on the news channel haha slick rick its a bloodddy murderrr smokeyfacesmokeyface

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any looks on the link to some samples peepss??id like to hear dese flamess

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weezzyyy babbyy on firee right now throwin punches left and right in the game sonnn blushing

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these shoes r uberrpimppp dayummmmm gotta get me a pair of thosee haha for september smokeyface

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not too fond of these not my type i supposeee

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lol i thought neiman marcus was def legit shitt???but maybe im wrong those jeans look pretty tight and authentic |0

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