Anyone know when the movie is set to be premiering?

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If you guys havn't seen Kevin Hart's standups, I don't know what the hell you're doing with life.

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[Quote] This. smokeyface

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Moar pics of asian girls!!

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Not gonna lie. These are looking pretty damn clean to me. When do these come out?

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A lot of dudes at my gym are starting to wear those foot gloves.

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Agreed. You can rock lows with anything you wear most of the time.

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Any Nike Frees.

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Good looking on the code, Rich.

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^^^ Pharrell's jacket is SQUEAKY CLEEEEEEEAAAAN

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I'm rooting for the Bulls, but LBJ and DWade are just TOO MUCH to handle. If the Bulls wanna win, EVERYONE has to be on their game. Boozer needs to start being the Boozer on the Jazz if he wants a goddamn ring.

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There's a lot of ways you can be a DJ. Equipment depends on the route of DJing you're interested in. Nowadays, a lot of DJs just use programs on their laptops and connect them to a mixer and TTs. Youtube has a lot of tutorials on how to set your shit up. I would start from there. Suggestions for equipment that you end up buying them. Pioneer is a great brand that you should efffs with. A nice mixer at a reasonable cost is the Pioneer DJM400 which will run you about 4 bills and Pioneer CDJ200s can cost about 250 each.

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On my 3rd month rocking the indigo selvage. Honeycombs and stacks show VERY nicely on these jeans imo. Fading is taking forever tho smh

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Was looking at the new Thin Finn Peter Replicas. What do you guys think?

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