[URL] What the SHIT is going ON! and Michael Bay....Come the fuck on. I dont understand I dont care too much for friday the 13th. but Nightmare on Elm Street is my all time fav. Horror movie since i was a kid. if he fucks this up ill kill him. and im sure they will be GAY and not have Robert Englund play freddy. what a bunch of failed weak sauce!

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ShockTillYouDrop.com has learned exclusively that Corey Feldman, Corey Haim and Jamison Newlander are all returning for Warner Bros.' direct-to-DVD title The Lost Boys 2. The site says that filming on the sequel begins a week from Monday. I wasnt to stoked to hear they were making another one of these movies and that it was going straight to dvd. But now both Coreys are going to be in it. now im going to get it and watch it just for that. WOO!

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I think this is stupid...the show should just end with Bob. I wont ever watch it with Drew.

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Nike Blazer SB under the nickname

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I know some of these have been posted but I think there might be a few that havent, if not just delete then. I think the first ones and the red ones are the best. [Image]

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I love the show, I have all the seasons and I cant wait for this movie to come out. [URL]

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[URL] I thinks it looks awesome but I do also love old B movies and new B movies so I dunno. I also love Robert Rodriguez and Tarantino so thats just a plus for me From what I hear since its two movies in one each one is going to be around 90 mins plus 4 fake trailers. I dont know if the trailers are included in the time of the movies. Well I like what I see and everything else they have done I like so Im set to get my tickets. Just remember that this movie is them paying respects to the movies they loved back in the day, thats why it looks the way it looks. Kinds like Kill Bill was.

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Does anyone know of anyplaces in Japan that sell JB Classics or are they just for sale on their site. I want those new silver londons. [Image]

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Does anyone know the exact date for these? I heard the 30th but I just want to be sure. And are they only going to be released in HK or all of Asia? Im wondering about Japan to be more specific.

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