Hey guys, vintage 90's Vancouver Grizzlies Starter apparel for sale. All guaranteed 100% authentic, two of them brand new with all tags, never worn. Saving up for a vacation trip just a few months away! =) [Image] Vintage Vancouver Grizzlies reversible pullover Size: S 10/10 Condition, brand new without tags, worn twice. Not a fading black, still very solid. asking $65. More pics and info here: http://www.list4all.com/cjm21/Sweaters__Vintage_Vancouver_Grizzlies_pullover_i8.php More items here if intereseted: http://www.list4all.com/cjm21/ Email me at jaymendoza08@gmail.com if you're interested. Thanks for looking!

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Anyone around here know where I can find these items? I'm looking for these in particular. [Image] The Rit brand is what I'm really hoping to find. I've checked: Walmart Superstore Canadian Tire Shopper's Drug Mart Save-On Safeway - I found Rit DYES here, but everywhere else, none of the employees know what I'm talking about lol. Any help at all is greatly appreciated, thanks. blushing

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I LOVE these shoes, I have over 10 pairs of the white ones alone lol. Great beaters, and they go with mostly everything you wear. I'd rather pay for 5 white ones of these for $50 than $50 for 1 pair of white vans. They're a bit uncomfortable, but just add in your own insoles, and your good to go. Very good buy for $10 if you ask me. (canvas are $10 and the leather is $20 here)

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[Quote] I thought I was the only one.&)

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[URL] info on these? edit: nvm, got it lol.

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^I actually bought the same pair. I returned it lol. Wasn't feeling it. I got blue/orange/white first rounds instead =)

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not even for ball lol. for that price...better things out there.

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^LOL. A Greek/Roman mythology movie with Camilla Belle in it. She was bang'in in 10,000 BC, even though the movie sucked balls....it was an unintential comedy lol.

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holy shit @ the grapes

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yes -_-. Well...what if rains, or snows! Technically..those can be called beaters lol.

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[Quote] Hey, if he got the dough, let him do what he wants with it.

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LOLLL. owned.

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Goodfellas. could still be found in local skate shops with sb accounts. (around my area though) Patent leather is easy to clean ;) all black midnight fogs... brutes.

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I have the official strategy guide for all my RPG's. still have some that are sealed...have no time lol. Playing Final Fantasy 12 right now, just finished 9 for the 3rd time around (still my top 3 fav). PLAY DQ8, so fun lol. so simple yet so engaging lol.

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USC. OJ Mayo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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