The best thing to go with a pair of shorts and a collared shirt of v-neck (lots of girls find v necks and shorts super hot, but if your too manly for one then thats cool) would be a pair of simple white slip ons, or a pair of sandals/flip flops. Low Converses would be the first thing to pop into peoples head, but I find those a little too simple and you'll just blend in too much anyway.

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Hey guys, I was browsing for a new jacket to add to my collection (probably over $3,000 by now) and was thinking of a Members Only Jacket, seeing as I like their style and they're pretty popular. Anyone know any general chains in Australia that stock them? Myer and David Jones don't seem to have them, and if anybody knows any specific stores in Brisbane, Australia that has them I'll check them out. Thanks a lot guys. I didn't know where else to post this so here you go.

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According to the website AA only has stores in Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide. Oh well, I think they might stock their stuff at Myers or David Jones.

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Kind of a simple question but I was watching Scooby Doo the other day, stay with me here, and you know how Shaggy always has that V-neck green t shirt? Yeah I decided I really wanted one. So where could I get a plain green V-neck t shirt? Surprisingly, it's harder than it looks. I saw a guy at a subway playing a guitar and he wore one, exact one I wanted. I couldn't find any at Cotton On, JeansWest, JustJeans, other stores that seem to sell plain t-shirts. Any ideas, Australians?

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Sorry what does it mean when you add "shipped" at the end? Does it mean like 65 even with shipping? And I'm interested in the Mondrians and the Bapstas. Just giving a heads up.

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I run in Converses because I'm cool.

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I think they are all incredibly well designed. They have some interesting detail on them. Personally, I wouldn't wear them, but something to put on your shelf or something. I think the gray ones with the yellow swoosh are real high-tech looking. The purple ones are pretty and I think most of the guys here actually want a pair... The third pair has some terrible colors mashed together, but looks okay from a perspective.

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A size 9-11. For condition, on a scale of 1-10, an 8 or above, because I want to give him a pair as new as possible.

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They are Nike SB's and are called "Homers" Picture : [URL] A few years back my friend from California sent me a pair of shoes for my birthday. He's been a shoe collector forever and he's been talking about these shoes. He says it sucks because they are only sold in Australia and since I am in Australia, I thought I should buy him a pair and send 'em over. Anybody have any ideas where I might find these? Footlocker Australia doesn't have them, and SB's are hard to find in Australia. After a bit of research these were released in May 04'. They might be a bit hard to find and chances are they are sold in America by now. Still, if anyone has any idea where to buy these in Australia, please let me know.

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