raw fitted jeans and laces kinda hangin out ( i cut them to my liking so they wont look messy )and the tongue out and of course gotta make sure they see the swoosh .. xD

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[Quote] yeah i'm not that rich to be spending money like that hahaha blushing and what makes this funny i'm buying them from my cousin .. he's kinda hoking it up too haha so yeah didnt want to save up for the unkles ..smokeyface

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4's 3's Retro 1's 13's

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[Quote] LMAO

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Unkles or Santana's ? i'm thinkin santana's ?)

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and1 streetball ps2 hehe

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165 5 reps

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satan's little helper .. it sucked horrible

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Leon FUCKING GREAT MOVIE >smh >smh haha i liked it

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WOWblinkyeyes thats downtown .. i've never seen that part of it .. usually when i go i'm at 33rd 31st 34rth etc st. and like were all the wholesale places are like orange town toys etc. haha ima have to look around more never seen these sights

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20% off + free shipping on karmaloop.com Rep Code: MO19060

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i like their jeans .. haha i was givin some of these for my bday ( june blushing ) and i must say there nice jeans and of course they wernt that size haha HELL NOO [URL]

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yeah i was gonna get the one at karmaloop where'd you find this one?

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