what kind of toppings do you guys usually get for takis locos? for me i always go with tomatoes, cucumbers, lime, jicama, mangos, pickled carrots, pickled onions, and valentina hot sauce [Image]

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gotta have my takis doe [Image] takis x cucumbers x lime

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-Paypal only -I do not ship first -Tracking will be provided -No international buyers -FREE SHIPPING Vans x Proper Sk8 Hi Native American Sz. 7.5 Doesnt come with the box. *PM ME FOR MORE INFO* BIN $55 or best offer [Image]

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anyone down to play?

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post shit like this [URL]

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album is smokeyface [Image]

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....last night i invited a couple of people over to mi casa and this hyena went to go use my restroom. i went in afterwards to take a masa and notice there was a raunchy ass smell. i started sniffing around and shit cause i knew the smell wasnt coming from me. the smell was coming from the trash bin and there was a bunch toilet papers with shit on them tonguefacetonguefacetongueface. so the question is, do you guys flush or throw away the toilet papers?

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How often do you clean your belly button? probably every 1-2 weeks or when i remember to smokeyface

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grilled chicken with no mayo smokeyface

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Does listening to Mozart make you poop 25% faster? I heard this from a weird tv show on spike.

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IS it true if a woman were to have sex with a dolphin, the woman would die from the ejaculation (dolphins ejaculate at about 180mi/hr)?

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prob about 3 days

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put me on some motown songs

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