Okayplayer is... ...basically a hip-hop community started by members of The Roots. It isn't really a music label, more like a family of musicians who collaborate, tour, generally associate with each other. The Roots are definitely the creative force behind the group. So, they have been printing T-shirts using the Okayplayer label for 10 years I gather, since there is a 10 year anniversary line coming out this year. There have definitely been some great shirts from OKP over the last couple years...not sure what the quality was like before that. There is a nice music/hip-hop discussion board over at okayplayer.com that I check out some. Okayplayer was trying to rally up some votes which is why I thought to post the contest over here. word.

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They are battlin' in a competition to see who has the better t-shirts. I don't see how OKP will lose this, the t-shirts are better, plus they have a 10 year anniversary t-shirt line coming out soon. Voted OKP...no doubt: [URL]

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Benny Blanco from the Bronx?

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DG sales shipments can get dicey sometimes. Especially with the crazy volume they must be selling from this crazy sale.

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