[Embed content] Street Racing, Drug money, Kidnapping this music video has it all. Enjoy.

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[Embed content] Directed by:  DirtySouf Yankee, Max Sphinx, Wordspit, and Jrrah Allen Song produced by Coopac Shakur Special Shoutout to Fresh5 for the graffiti Wordspit correlates his gritty lyricism with street art in his graffiti-inspired visuals for his latest single, "Tough Luck". Spray-paint in hand, the rapper treads lightly over his Marty McFlys while marking his territory and eternalizing his insignia, confirming that 'wordspitwashere'. Steadying the pace for his very own piece of history in the hip hop game, Wordspit drops this new video in anticipation of his project slated for this summer's release: Wrath of the Illest. DownLoad: https://soundcloud.com/wordspit-the-illest/tough-luck

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Go sit down nigga

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the art work is from my video. All this has nothing to do with nothing. The music is what's important

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oh, my bad do you have a 6000 pair of sneakers?

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[Image] https://soundcloud.com/wordspit-the-illest/tough-luck Tough Luck is the first released track off of Wordspit upcoming mixtape, Wrath of the Illest.With his long awaited return since his appearance with his band, The Illest, on NBCÃ America Got Talent,he been steadily rocking new shows, silently crafting new songs, and putting forth new music for both his solo efforts and his band EP. This is the first move of many more to come. SOON.Produced by Coopac Shakur Mixed by Elvis Aponte Artwork by Tystarr

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http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=569770763054460&l=58f8c1a534 [Image] HB man, I've been grinding on here for a while. I'm rocking the Barclays center also know as the house That HOV BUILT. if you're in NYC come out tot the show... appreciate all the love everyone gave my band and I during America's Got Talent. Thank You.

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[Embed content] Getting ready to drop a new mixtape. This is Rocking some bards over my homies beats in my studio.

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Had some down time between recording and rehearse and Just wanted to make sure I check up on everyone. How has everyone been? I hope all is well.

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[Image] City Of God

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Jay, you are wild. Make sure you check out the new song

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Boi, I'm trying to..... it's hard out here for a pimp

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[Image] City OF GOD City Of God (New God Flow Freestyle) Is the first release off WordSpit's New Project Titled " Wrath Of The ILLest! Mixtape Sponsored By NInjaz". City Of God paints a portrait of the dark and malevolent city streets where heroine lullabies are sung from the dying lips of angels. A city where struggle and poverty exist, but the presence of God is questioned. May your faith remain strong in the City Of God. Art Work by Tystarr** Thank You HB for All the support.

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Yea, download for free

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