Spybot Search and Destroy is my shit. Free. Works well. Lightweight program. Literally just re-downloaded it. Also, Macs are superior in almost every way.

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dont get one haha. Especially if youre in college. I'm in such debt from one year of saying oh fuck it just this one time.

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This girl.smokeyface

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Swishers here in Cali. I heard they have a new flavor too. But, getting older its been more j's. Seems like theyre "better for you". Tryna make it to at least 40 without coughing up lungs.

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Anyone got 33 tapered fit and aren't too fucked up. hit me up. These are smokeyface

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U Mad about the Situation Bro?

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[Quote] Cosign. But real talk. Relax. Deep breaths. Kick it with close friends. And let your freak flag fly. Eventually you'll find your swag and the anxiety will disappear. Surround yourself with non-judgmental people and the anxiety will disappear. Worked for me.

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From some one that skates and follows skating...Huf keeps it mad real. Can't wait to cop a pair of shoes. Bummy about the SF store closing. I work at Mainland and I really hope they start to carry Huf. Fuck that elitist streetwear bullshit. It'd be nice to see more Dirtbag hats around. At least it beats Krew.

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Real talk though. AZ Iced. If you burn, there's nothing better post-bluntage. They have the half and half Southern Style Arnold Palmers now. That shit cray.

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I dunno man. If you're in college and party its a funny pregame/party show etc. Something that's on to make fun of. I used to think it was stupid as fuck at first then I realized its a show to talk and bullshit about. Nothing to be taken serious. The cast knows that too.

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[Quote] Game is mad consistent. Hes had time to work on this and Dre is on it. Game over. Another Nue Compton Classic. I bet itll be better than Detoxtongueface

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The Otis video making Hip-hop look fun again. Fuck yeah. Solid album as well. smokeyface

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Big Ups Everyone in this forum. I've been lurkin on and off for days so I figured might as well post (thank you junior college for the boredom). Whats good HB Fam?! I'm a dj and I spin/produce dubstep mostly, and its so annoying with kids not knowing their genres. If I had a dollar for everytime a ????? called house music techno...It's like I can tell the difference between metal and alternative. Anyways. Theres a couple categories out there dubstepwise. Theres the shrieky/robotic/sparatic shit. Thats referred to as brostep. Thats largely American made and prolly what gets played at parties. Thats your Rusko, J Rabbit, Flux Pavillion, and basically anything on the UKF Youtube channel. Then theres the original which is the deep subbass sounds which is simple but with mad atmosphere and that is what dubstep started as. Thats your Coki, Benga, Mala, Skream etc. At the end of the day its a new genre and the sound is ever evolving. Check out Jakes or Dismantle if you wanna hear some interesting tunage. But yeah glad to see some homies here are down with the sound and what not. Big ups you guys. When I get some posts going I'll for sure be posting up some good tracks from both sides of the spectrum in the Dubstep thread. smokeyface

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