[Embed content] looks fucking good

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what's your current favourite... imma have to go with a jay electronica act:1 and big krit 4eva n a day

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what upcoming albums/mixtapes are you guys looking forward to? im excited to hear WZRD just off the top of my head and fuckin Kendrick Lamar Good Kid In A Mad City which we'll probably be waitin on for a lil while atleast

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for all you out there who use torrent sites, TorrentDay now is accepting new users again for a short time its my favourite torrent site so I just thought i'd let all ya mother fuckers know www.torrentday.com

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alright lets hear what album you think was worst of the year or biggest let down THA CARTER 4...fucking terrible , then again i didnt expect anything more

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anybody from kelowna BC or going to center of gravity in kelowna this weekend

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[URL] how you gonna diss someone then dress like a bitch in the same video?

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so im going to LA next week, im going to hit up supreme, diamond, the hundreds, brooklyn projects. whats some other stores in the area like these ones?

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i cant find the blu & exile below the heavens download anywhere can someone help me please

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who's your current favourite rappers? im not talking of all time, I mean as of right now who are you feeling the most for me right now, fashawn and vic mensa ( even tho he dont got many songs)

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any of you fuck with mickey factz? his mixtape im better than you is pretty dope, all ive heard so far imma get some more

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in your opinion whats your favourite big sean mixtape im tryin to find some of the shit that gave this dude so much hype but honestly every song i click on youtube is so mainstream

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so hyped winnipeg got a NHL team back

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So ya'll feeling jay rock or what, hes got "follow me home" coming july like most of ya probably know. like a year and a half ago or so i was rockin his shit hard, kinda lost pretty much all hype tho so what ya guys think his albums gonna be like

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