[Quote] Prada shoes do run pretty big. I'm a UK 10/10.5 and I've had three pairs of Prada shoes, 1 in a size 8.5, 2 in size 9. Definitely try before you buy...

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I have sick white and gold dior hi-tops, def my favourite trainers at the moment. I think dior's current crop of trainers in general are pretty dope

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[Quote] I was thinking exactly the same thing. From head to toe he looks like a complete tool...

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[Quote] That's the thing, they're not runway pieces, they're general release pieces, it's ridiculous...

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Wasn't really talking about the jeans, check out the rest of the line and you'll see what I mean...

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Don't know if any of you have paid much attention to it but oh my god. Used to be a really big Prada fan but something has gone seriously wrong. I was in their shop today and it's as though they've purposefully tried to release the most horrific pieces across the board. My personal lowlight would be the coloured fur vests for men which are possibly the most foul things I have ever seen...it honestly has to be seen to be believed...

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[Quote] Just bought Tom Ford For Men today. Really like it. It is quite strong but it's a very classic smell. As long as you don't cover yourself in it it's really nice. I also tried Black Orchid which at first I didn't like but having had it settle it's actually really nice too. I'm interested by the mix and match set coming out soon, could throw up some interesting fragrances!!

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It's true that they cover a wide spectrum well without selling out to the level Armani have and keeping more true to their roots. But I just find it boring now. If you look at Polo from 10 years ago and compare it with today the majority of stuff hasn't gone through much of a change. I'm not saying that is necessarily a bad thing but for me it just seems as though they are afraid of taking risks and so play it safe year in year out. Must be doing something right though because they are one of the most popular brands out there, it's just not for me...

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Don't really understand how David Beckham isn't on that list. He looks really good in pretty much anything he wears which is very rare, especially given some of the stuff he rocks. Also surprised to not see Justin Timberlake on the list. Given their mix of fashion sense and current popularity I would have thought he'd be right up there. On the whole Jay-Z debate, I'm with dtrader to be honest. Yeah, he dresses well but there's nothing outstanding going on there. He always looks good on the red carpet but to say he's one of the 5 best dressed people around is pushing it a bit far in my opinion.

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Really not a fan of Ralph Lauren to be honest. They do some cool stuff but as a whole don't really feel much. Their stuff barely seems to have changed for absolutely ages, as a brand it really doesn't seem to move forward. And I think that watch Polo is horrible, looks like something BBC would release. Never know, maybe that's where Pharrell's inspiration came from ;)

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[Quote] Very true on that level. Tom Ford is the kind of thing you wish you could deck yourself out in entirely but it's just unrealistic to even own any of it. His stuff is so classic but still works without seeming too old fashioned. But it is just so expensive. Apparently the shop in New York is incredible but just stupid in terms of prices, pairs of pyjamas for like $2000 and dressing gowns for $4000. I dread to think what a suit must cost. We can dream I suppose and until then wear his sunglasses and wear his fragrances...that's definitely as close as I'll be getting to any of his stuff anytime soon!

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Just a bit of an appreciation thread. From what he did with Gucci and YSL thru now to his own label, he has continued to lead the way in menswear IMO (along with Dior). Roll on 2008 when his London store opens!!! Anyone have any of his stuff? I imagine a few people must have some of his shades. His clothing is quite hard to come by, pretty sure it's exclusive to his New York store although I could be mistaken...

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[Quote] Without a doubt correct. Tom Ford is an absolute genius...

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For that sort of price range I've always found Armani watches very good value. Check out a website called The Watch Hut, they've got lots of different watches from a variety of brands, mostly in the price range you're looking at.

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[Quote] Saw the thread title and was amazed it had gotten to three pages in this section of the forum. Didn't really wanna read thru that much stuff about something as average as Banana Republic...

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