Haunted. Most definitely. blushing

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I wouldn't talk to an alien...

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Loving the work there!

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Wow, I would enter a photo but fuck, look at my post count. :/

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lol at the olivia munn bit (damn I wish it worked) this looks pretty wild, and I can't wait to try it out for myself.

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It was for sure, my Voltron toy. Any friend/family member could play with any toy but that one.

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Knew from the moment I saw a photo of him, Terry had some sort of "creepiness" to him. His photos are great, but he's also highly overrated.

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I personally do not really enjoy Mos Def, but I know he doesn't suck. Weezy is the same. If I however had to choose a better, it would most definitely be Mos Def.

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