Please unban a brother. Its been weeks and I dont even know what I did. Thanks for your time : )

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Man forgot how dope this shit is. every track is amazing. got me even more excited for take care let a ♥♥♥♥♥ reminisce

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can i get unbanned from the sb? Thx ps. smh black ppl, fuck pinoys

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post ur pics then we will make a voting thread after

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[Image] vnds acne

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Do you just pretend to like it and wear them around the person who got it or do you rock yours?

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[Image] why is this man's legs the length of 4 blanks of wood, is he a midget?

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Seems like everyone on here is into console gaming, which is cool if you're too poor for a nice build...but yea what you pc nigguhs playing My current rotation: League of Legends New Vegas Blackops/Cod4 waiting on skyrim and dota2 smh

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paypal/meetup only in the Tacoma area I have tons of refs on here ebay and other forums pm me if needed. [B]Box Logo Crew Neck Tan/Tan sz XL - 85 shipped[/B] [Image]

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I only accept paypal/ local meetups in the Tacoma area. I have ton's of refs on here/ebay/other forums if you need them PM me. The shoes are in pretty dope condition if you want more pics I can take more lmk in a pm [B]aj1 retro sz 11 - 95 shipped[/B] [Image] [B]mods if you delete my thread one more time I will go to the administration. My account is older than 90 days, I have selling refs, and my post count is proper.[/B]

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ok the shit was just randomly deleted..... paypal only, im legit pm for tons of refs/ebay [B]95 shipped air jordan 1 retro[/B] [Image]

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paypal only tons of reps on here/ebay lmk if u need em i ship first day if the post office is open if not i will tomorrow [B]air jordan retro 1 - 100 obo shipped[/B] [Image] if you need more pics lmk, have the box and shit, and yes those are sb dunk laces

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paypal only have been selling here for years just on a new account if you need ref's i got you easily on here/ebay. I'll ship the day you pay if it's not closed if not next day. prices include shipping, im down for trades/offers too [B]Supreme Box Logo Crew Neck SZ XL(completely deadstock, VERY good condition literally wore it like 5 times in a 9month span) - 80 shipped[/B] [Image]

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