I personally think they both too talented and should stop fighting. What u think bout it?

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Im hittin up Manhat soon, I got 1000 to spend (not all of it). I already know-- Supreme Bape Flight Club Stussy (they retail UNDFTD) Where are some good places for like Air Jordan hookups? Hopefully not as expensive as Flight Club... Thanks

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I cant stand kids my age (teenage muthafuckas) using it. Saw this white kid one day wear this... -cheap jordans -khaki colored cargo shorts -cheap bulls snapback from footlocker -and I shit you not... a t-shirt with the words SWAG printed straight on the front It looked like one of those shitty t-shirts you buy on the streets in DC. (no hate for DMV tho) For a word that used to be associated with people of a high end class of clothing and style, it has now become a word used by fucking retards who have absolutely no idea how to dress. /rant.

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Something grey. I would go for a grey box logo one but I'm white and I'll just look like a hypebeast.

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What would you buy? I'd buy half of a Y-3 Jacket.

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go go go! I love them all so much, but my favorite to least favorite is probably 1. Kendrick Lamar 2. Ab Soul 3. ScHoolboy Q 4. Jay Rock They're all very different and very good.

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I do some, not a lot. I'd love to do custom for someone. Comment if you need any blinkyeyes

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ITS THIS NEW BRAND. Website here It seems all pretty cool. Discuss if you own any... I also haven't seen any of it on the hypeo-sphere, so I thought I'd bring it...

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Example, what makes you not a hypebeast... and others are? My outlook is: Wear clothing that looks good, the logos come with it later.

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Coin pouches [Image]

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