Rules: You pay first -> I ship You pay price shown to my paypal [Image] Good condition, no fades Waist: 15.75 Rise: 9.75 Inseam: 34 Leg Opening: 8 Thigh: 11 $35 No gimmicks, need these gone quick, posted essentials because you all know what these are. get new jawnz for the new season

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Rules: You pay paypal + 4%, shipping You pay first Any questions about the jeans, ask APC Grey New Standard 32 x Unhemmed (36 ? ) Washed 2, Good condition $45 [Image]

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Rules: Paypal + Fees No international Tracking number will be provided once payment received and the package is sent. Nike Dunk Tiffanys ---BRAND NEW DEAD STOCK--- $600 since there is NO box. aqua laces included size 10 No explaining needed on these, feel free to request more pictures if needed. [URL]

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Wore out for a couple hours before deciding they were just too big, these are classics. I retired my last pair after 4 years of being a work/winter boot in Michigan. Great deal. size 10.5 $50 + fees, call it $60 paypal'd cause I need new ones fast. [URL]

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Looking for these: [Image] Recently released and lost the website in which to order, help would be greatly appreciated! thanks!

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I would post in where to find thread, except it doesnt work & this isnt really any specific. Looking for recommendations on some sweatpants, preferably a elastic cuff on the bottom, & decent quality. I want more of a slimmer better fitting kind than the ones you can get at the mall.

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-Paypal only (Pay as gift or the 4%) -Ships USPS Priority [B]Grey APC Jeans 32 x 36 (Unhemmed) 7/10 Condition[/B] I say 7/10 because of the small stain, & wear on back of leg openings from dragging. waist - 16.5" across thigh - 10" - 10.5" across leg opening - 7.5" across rise - 10.5" crotch -> waist [URL] [B]Jeans - $60 shipped Shirt - $45 shipped[/B]

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Anyone know where to get them? I don't want a v-neck...more looking for just a looser/wider fitting neck. Just plain t-shirts, no print. Thank you!

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I have my portfolio review/interview saturday morning & would love any tips or hints on what I should expect. Thanks!

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My dad left me with 100's of records, and I want to start learning the skill set of sampling them and loading them to a drum pad etc. and making some beats with them. My question is, what equipment is necessary for this? Like a USB compatible record player -> Computer -> Drum pad? I'm really not sure. On how the process goes from cutting a sample to loading it on a drum pad. My only experience is using my axiom keyboard straight into my computer. Thanks for your help!

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I just became the owner of a Honda 1977 cb550F Super Sport smokeyface I came in here hopefully for some suggestions to some boots. I'm not talking like Alpine Stars Bro Boots, I'm talk some good looking most likely leather boots that are for riding but can wear them for when I hop off the bike. drop some knowledge for me

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[URL] smh

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for something like converse lows and jeans, how do you guys feel it looks best? tongue in, tongue out etc.

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